The absolute best European restaurant in Da Nang
restaurant in da nang

The absolute best European restaurant in Da Nang

Da Nang is a laid back city with beautiful landscapes and amazing people. Asides from these things, you can’t forget about the superb local food. However, even they are delicious and taking you in an interesting culinary journey, they will make you bored sometimes. Therefore, here is a list of the best 5 European restaurant in Da Nang in case you’re tired of Vietnamese dishes.

restaurant in Da Nang-La Maison 1888 view

Enjoy a spectacular view at La Maison 1888 restaurant in Da Nang – Photo: Internet.

1. Luna Pub – best casual European restaurant in Da Nang

Luna Pub is the best restaurant in Da Nang to enjoy the true flavor of pizza and pasta. It’s a casual dining space with a cool but simple design. There is a large brick wall brings a warm and rustic feeling when you come in. Moreover, the messy lights and fans, the painted wall, the colorful decorations make the space more vibrant and lively.

restaurant in Da Nang-Luna Pub space

Luna Pub is designed with a lively and colorful theme – Photo: Fanpage.

In a comfortable ambiance with some live music, you can enjoy the food made fresh onsite. Especially, they use the wood-fired oven to bake pizza so it has a perfect crust. Beside great Italian food, the restaurant offers a wide selection of wine, imported beers, tasty cocktails, etc. In particular, don’t forget to try its signature homemade shooters. Not only good food and atmosphere, but the friendly staff is also a bonus point that keeps you returning. For a night hangout and chill with friends, don’t miss out Luna Pub!

restaurant in Da Nang-Luna Pub pizza

You can enjoy the best pizza in the town at Luna Pub – Photo: Fanpage.

2. Pizza 4P’s – enjoy pizza to a new level

Being famous for the pizza top notch in the town, Pizza 4P’s not only offers high-end food but also first-class service. Once you enter the restaurant, you can feel the gentle and cozy ambiance thanks to the elegant decoration and big stone ovens.

restaurant in Da Nang - Pizza 4p's -delicious food

Burrata pizza is the dish you can’t miss when eating at Pizza 4P’s – Photo:@1eejane.

While sitting by the counter, you can witness the food made in front of your eyes. The expertise staff choose the fresh ingredients, make the dough and bake the pizza on site. Therefore, it brings a surreal eating experience for guests.

restaurant in Da Nang - Pizza 4p's pasta

The pasta with clams and basil sauce – Photo: Fanpage.

The special thing is that you can mix flavors in one plate to enjoy more tastes. Two recommended dishes are burrata pizza and crab tomato cream spaghetti that you can’t miss. Moreover, the attentive staff with professional in serving will make your dinner unforgettable. Due to a top restaurant in Da Nang, it’s always full. Hence, make a reservation before you going.

3. Cabanon – a little slice of France

As the owners are French, Cabanon is like a little slice of this romantic country with the authentic and true flavor of French cuisines. The shop is well set up with simple furniture but still not boring thanks to the colorful decorations. The red chairs, yellow wall, cartoon drawings, etc make the space vivid and delightful.

restaurant in Da Nang - Cabanon space

Cabanon with a cozy and vivid space – Photo: Fanpage.

The restaurant is famous for its extremely good food in a generous portion. When having a meal here, you will have a chance to eat wonderful handmade and typical French food at an affordable price. Besides the tasty food, the cozy ambiance and light soft jazz music also make your moments remarkable. Especially, the cheerful owners and friendly staff are what receive many praises from customers. For enjoying a real French restaurant in Danang, don’t skip Cabanon.

restaurant in Da Nang - Cabanon food

It’s featured with typical delicious French cuisines – Photo: Fanpage.

4. La Maison 1888 – the only Michelin-star restaurant in Da Nang

  • Address: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Bai Bac, Son Tra Peninsula, Danang.

La Maison 1888 is the only Michelin-star restaurant in Da Nang particularly and Vietnam generally. Placed in the high-class InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, the restaurant has a luxury and splendid interiors. Once you see the restaurant, you’ll feel impressive of its gorgeous beauty. It has an imaginary story behind the architecture. It’s designed as a beautiful villa for a noble family in French colonial style. The place has 3 different dining rooms including Accountant’s Room, Traveler’s Room and Le Boudoir de Madame. Every single room is named after a member in a family with unique characters. The featured design and the special decorations express the characters so well.

restaurant in Da Nang-La Maison 1888 space

The luxurious decoration in a dining room at La Maison 1888 – Photo: Internet.

On the other hand, the menu is a combination of French and Oriental cuisines. With the most quintessential and fresh ingredients, every delicacy brings superb fine dining experiences for customers. What is more, the best feeling that this restaurant brings to customers is its view. For a magnificent dining experience, you can enjoy the high-quality meal while admiring the majestic and poetic Son Tra Peninsula. To conclude, the deluxe ambiance, the marvelous view, and attentive staff will leave your journey a wonderful dining time.

restaurant in Da Nang-La Maison 1888 food

A delicate dish in ingredients and presentation – Photo: Internet.

5. L ’Italiano – cozy Italian restaurant in Da Nang

This little Italy restaurant in Da Nang will be a perfect change after you have been fed up with Vietnamese food. L ‘Italiano locates in a touristic area but on a quiet street. Therefore, you can have a relaxing time escape from the busy crowds. The owners and even the chef are Italians so the food will live up to your expectation. It serves great authentic Italian pizza and other delicious Italian dishes. Some popular dishes that have many compliments are pizza 4 cheese, Bolognese, Parma ham, etc. Besides, the homemade bread is so nice and fresh.

restaurant in Da Nang - L'Italiano food

Enjoy an authentic flavor from the Italian chefs – Photo: Tripadvisor.

On top of that, it’s about the friendly staff and wonderful owner makes the restaurant favored. Furthermore, the cozy and comfortable ambiance is what allures the guests. Sometimes, the chief also plays the guitar and everyone singing along. Hence, you can feel the warmth from the heart as a family member.

restaurant in Da Nang - L'Italiano space

The friendly and family atmosphere at L’Italiano – Photo: Fanpage.

In Conclusion

Craving for European food is not something to worry now if you have this great list. Just take your time on the trip to stop by a wonderful European restaurant in Da Nang to enjoy excellent cuisines and service. They will make you say wow because you never imagine how you can enjoy a really good western meal in an East Asia country, especially Da Nang in Vietnam.