Local buddy in Hoi An - Enjoy a traditional Tet like a local with a local friend
local buddy in Hoi An

Enjoy Tet holiday with the local buddy in Hoi An

Tet is the time for the family reunion in Vietnam. Moreover, it is also when traditional festivals and entertainment shows happen. If you are a foreigner who is living in Hoi An, and you want to enjoy Tet holiday like local, let’s start with finding a local buddy in Hoi An! A local buddy will help you to explore the peace and quiet atmosphere in Hoi An on Tet holiday. The local buddy also is the one who takes you to the exciting traditional shows which only have during Tet holiday.

Besides the normal local shows in Hoi An during the year, there are so many other special traditional shows. So make sure that you should not miss out on Tet holiday.

local buddy in hoi an

Having a local buddy in Hoi An to show you around during Tet holiday to learn more about local culture.

Go to the pagoda like a local with a local buddy in Hoi An

Why do the Vietnamese go to the pagoda on Tet holiday

As the Vietnamese spiritual life, going to the pagoda on the first day of Tet holiday brings luck and happiness. It has become the tradition from ancestors for thousands of years. In order to understand all the meaning of Vietnamese holy life, you should go to the pagoda on Tet holiday with a local buddy in Hoi An.

A local buddy in Hoi An will not only take you to the holiest pagoda in Hoi An but also show you the traditional etiquettes in Vietnamese pagoda on Tet holiday. In Vietnam, on the first day of Tet, people go to the pagoda to pray for a good, happy and successful year.

local buddy in hoi an

Go to the pagoda on the first day of Tet has become the tradition of the Vietnamese for hundreds of years.

They go to not only the pagoda near their house but also the holiest pagoda in the area. Therefore, on Tet holiday, pagodas become more exciting and crowded than the normal day of the year. However, it does not make the pagoda become noisy or lose its peace. In contrast, in the smoke and smell of incenses, the pagoda becomes holier than ever.

Bring luck back home from the pagoda

When you go to the pagoda on Tet holiday with a local buddy in Hoi An, you will be showed how to bring luck to your home. After incensing and praying in the pagoda, the local people usually take a lucky card of the lucky tree. The lucky trees are usually blossom trees with the lucky cards hang on the branches. Each of the cards is a wish for the new year. Some of them are lucky money. Therefore, if you do not go with a local buddy in Hoi An to the pagoda, you will never know this tradition as well as how to bring luck back home or for yourself.

local buddy in hoi an

The whole family usually go to the pagoda to pray before visiting their relative families.

Besides the lucky cards, the local people also bring back some lucky stuff after visiting pagoda. They are the green branches, flowers, cakes and candies in the pagoda. Or sometimes it is from people who sell them in front of the pagoda.

Go to the flower markets with a local buddy in Hoi An

The flower market is considered as the flower show to the local people. When coming to Hoi An on Tet holiday, do not forget to go to flower markets with your local buddy in Hoi An. To the local people, the more flowers in their house on Tet, the more luck they have during the year. Therefore, during Tet, every house is full of flowers. It makes a joyful atmosphere.

local buddy in hoi an

Apricot blossom is one of the most popular flowers during Tet holiday.

A flower market is a place where the local people come to relax and enjoy the exciting atmosphere before Tet. They go to the market not only for buying flowers for Tet but also to watch the beautiful flowers. There is no time in the year that flowers are as garish as Tet. Furthermore, young people also come here to take photos to save the moments of Tet. Moreover, this is also a wonderful hang-out destination for people to go with family, kids or their lovers.

local buddy in hoi an

Flower market always attracts a lot of people coming to buy or enjoy the Tet atmosphere.

Normally, flower markets last from one to two weeks. Sometimes, it is only a few days before Tet. It depends on the demand and tradition of each area. In Hoi An, Tet flower market usually starts from 7 to 10 days before Tet. They are on the main streets in Hoi An. The local government aims to make an exciting atmosphere for the local and tourists to enjoy the Tet before the holiday officially starts.

Go to the local shows with a local buddy in Hoi An

Hoi An is known as the second local show destination in the central of Vietnam, after Hue city. Therefore, during the year, there are so many tourists around the world come here to see this local cultural beauty. Moreover, during Tet, Hoi An gathers so many local shows which indicate the local cultural tradition. Thus, do not miss out this occasion to learn more about the local culture! Let’s plan for a trip to this hundreds-year-old town with a local buddy in Hoi An.

local buddy in hoi an

Tet is also the time for traditional games.

Bai Choi show – UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity

During Tet holiday, you can come to enjoy the Bai Choi show. It is taken on the riverside of Thu Bon river which covers the Hoi An ancient town. Bai Choi is one of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity which normally takes place in the weekend. However, when coming to Hoi An during Tet, you are able to watch it every night from the first day of Tet until the fourth day. In order to enjoy and understand the spirit of this show, you should accompany with a local buddy in Hoi An. Having a local friend to go to the local is an amazing thing that you can learn more about the local.

local buddy in hoi an

Bai Choi show has been recorded as UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Traditional game shows

Vietnamese Bingo game

It is quite similar to the bingo that you have heard or played in your country. When you come to the Vietnamese Bingo game, it is better to go with a local buddy in Hoi An so that he/she can help you to catch the rule and understand about the MC script.

local buddy in hoi an

Vietnamese Bingo is a popular game during Tet holiday in Hoi An.

When joining Vietnamese Bingo, you would buy a piece of paper which has the numbers written on it. You can buy more than one piece of them as your demand. When the MC speaks out the numbers, if you get 5 exactly the same numbers in one piece of your paper, you win. This is a way that local people use to pray for luck for the year in Tet holiday. If they win the game, they will have a good year. However, do not let a game judges your whole year! It is just a traditional game that people come to find happiness and entertainment together.

Local music performances

local buddy in hoi an

Music performance in the Hoi An square attracts so many local people and tourists.

On the square which is located on the Thu Bon riverside, there are music performances during the Tet holiday. They are the local singers who perform the local Tet songs. These songs might not be too strange to you since the local people usually play during the Tet. It is better for you to go with a local buddy in Hoi An so that you can catch the spirit of this local show. There would be some minigame that audiences can join in the performance and get the lucky gifts for the new year.

Other traditional minigames

On Tet holiday, let’s hang out to the street with a local buddy in Hoi An to enjoy the most interesting childhood minigames. They are usually held in the square area. In the space of the Thu Bon river, the sparkling light from the lanterns and the spring weather, playing these minigames gives you a chance to be back to the local childhood. People have small booths with the necessary stuff for the games. You can try the game which player uses the circle to throw exactly to a target point which contains a small gift.

local buddy in hoi an

Traditional local game during Tet holiday.

Moreover, you can try to launch a dart to get the gifts. They are the meaningful minigames to the local people. Since it goes with their growing up time. Therefore, it is better to come here with a local buddy in Hoi An so that you can play it like a local.

In conclusion, Tet holiday is one of the most meaningful and wonderful time of the year to the local people. Therefore, no one in Hoi An ancient town knows Tet more clearly than themselves. Do not forget to find for you a local buddy in Hoi An to enjoy a Tet like a local and have a wonderful time in Vietnam!