Hoi An spa - The best service to end up a day in Hoi An trip
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Take a great rest after your Hoi An exploration with the best Hoi An spa

Come to a Hoi An spa is a perfect ending for your Hoi An exploration day. After hours of walking on the old alleys, visiting tons of interesting tourist destinations, let your body relax and loosen to refill the energy for the next wonderful days in the ancient town.

Hereunder, we recommend you the best spa in Hoi An. You can not only find the best facilities for the spa but also the best services and friendliest staffs.

hoi an spa

A spa treatment will be a great reward after hours walking in the ancient town – Alan Caishan | Unsplash.

La Spa – The #1 Hoi An spa on TripAdvisor

Address: 132 Hung Vuong street, Hoi An city.

La Spa is one of the best Hoi An spa according to customers review. It is located in a tropical garden space of the La Siesta Premium Hoi An resort. With the friendly surrounding which has trees, bamboos, streams, and other things that represent for Vietnam, this spa is a peaceful and harmonic picture. Thus, it is a perfect space to have a spa and relax.

hoi an spa

Owning a high-quality service with professional staffs, this is the #1 spa in Hoi An as TripAdvisor review – Image: La Spa.

Additionally, the services here are so diversified with different types of spa. They have a sauna, steam room, Himalaya salt massage, Jacuzzi, herbal baths, and outdoor rain showers. Besides body massage, they also provide customers with face massage. Moreover, staffs here are so friendly and helpful with high skilled. That is the reason why customers rank this Hoi An spa as the #1 on TripAdvisor.

Blue Gift Spa – The authentic Hoi An spa art

Address: 52 Mac Dinh Chi street, Hoi An city.

Blue Gift Spa is the second Hoi An spa that we recommend you. Its work aims to bring the pure value of life to every customer. In order to bring the most relaxing moments to customers, the spa uses pure ingredient products to ensure a great experience. Moreover, staffs here are so friendly and professional. Each of them is the therapist with professional therapist skills. Additionally, it keeps the truly authentic spa arts. Thus, spend time in this Blue Gift Spa after walking in the ancient town will be a good treat of your body.

hoi an spa

Organic herbs ingredients make you relax absolutely – Image: Blue Gift Spa.

Located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, Blue Gift Spa has a ton of convenience for customers. It is not only easy to be found but also saves time for customers to walk here. Moreover, the design of spa space is friendly and quite. Thus, you will find absolutely relaxing moments here.

Citrus Health Spa – Free pick up and drop off spa in Hoi An

Address: 99 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hoi An city.

Citrus Health Spa is a Hoi An spa which is one of the very few spas have free transport service. Therefore, you do not need to find its direction while your feet are so weary.

hoi an spa

Relax your foot after a long day walking in the ancient town – Image: Citrus Health Spa.

Understanding the human body, Citrus Health Spa provides a diversified treatment method. Each of them has different essential holistic healing element. Thus, your body parts will find relaxing moments to help you feel more comfortable. In the spa, they use 100% organic herbs. It does not only bring comfortable smells but also increase the impacts of the treatments.

Calm Spa – A place of the harmonic countryside vibe

Address: 35 Le Thanh Tong street, Hoi An city.

“Relax not only physically but mentally” is the mission of this Hoi An spa. Calm Spa is located in a countryside area. Therefore, besides the spa treatments, you can also enjoy the peaceful and quiet space of the countryside vibe. In this spa, they use natural treatment with 100% organic spa products. Thus, your body will be absolutely relaxing and comfortable.

the space of spa

A friendly, open space with countryside vibe – Image: The Calm Spa.

Besides spa treatments, you also can enjoy the tasty organic food and wine here. They serve customers with their kindness and hospitableness.

White Rose Spa – A special space in the most famous restaurant in Hoi An

Address: 529 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoi An city.

This is one of the most famous Hoi An spa due to its quality and service. It is at the same address with the White Rose restaurant – the most famous traditional restaurant in Hoi An. Thus, there is not only good spa treatments but you also can join in making White Rose cake and enjoy its taste.

an organic spa treatment

Special and natural spa treatment at White Rose Spa – image: White Rose Spa.

You will be relaxing in a comfortable space. It is full of the organic herbs smell. Moreover, all spa products here are 100% organic. The most special thing here is the soft soothing music while doing spa treatment. Additionally, they apply the Vietnamese traditional treatment method in spa procedure. Therefore, it either increases the impact of treatment or helps your body relax.

Green Heaven Spa – A diversified spa service

Address: 35 Cao Hong Lanh street, Hoi An city.

This Hoi An spa does not only provide skin care treatment bus also nail care, hair care, eyelash extensions, waxing, and threading. In Green Heaven Spa, they combine the latest technology with creative excellence and the finest spa products to make a great physical and mental impact on customers. Moreover, their staffs are so friendly, highly skilled, and professional. Furthermore, the atmosphere in Green Heaven Spa is so delicate with the herb smell. It brings to customers not only relaxing moments but also comfortable feeling to refill energy after a long day walking in the ancient town.

body massage brings the comfortable

Green Heaven Spa in Hoi An provides not only skin care but also hair care, nail care, and so on.

Hoi An Shining Spa

Address: 01 Le Dinh Tham street, Hoi An city.

Located in Hoi An Sincerity Hotel, this Hoi An spa provides a high-quality service in a luxurious space. After hours walking in the ancient town, a spa time will be a great reward. Hoi An Shining Spa offers a wide range of beauty treatment. Especially, a foot massage will push your tired away and brings a comfortable feeling. Additionally, staffs are so friendly, polite, and professional. Space here is so quiet and delicate. Therefore, your Hoi An trip will not only have the ancient houses with the culture and architecture but also the relaxing and comfortable spa treatment to enjoy the vacation.

high quality service

Hoi An Shining Spa has a high-quality service which always satisfies customers – Image: Hoi An Shining Spa.