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Vietnam unemployment rate – A wake-up call for Vietnam education

Vietnam unemployment rate is reducing as the report from the government. Even though the number of people in working age is increasing, the rate of […]

Where to visit Vietnam in August to explore a tropical summer

Vietnam is a tropical country which has a long beach cross the territory. Therefore, there are different seasons that you should consider before deciding to […]

How to prepare for the rainy season in Vietnam ?

Most people see the words “rainy season in Vietnam” while looking for a destination will immediately jump to other places. They’re afraid that the rain […]

Serious social issues in Vietnam

Being a developing country with agriculture, there are so many issues exist in Vietnam. Moreover, government management is not strong and tough enough to control […]

Seasons in Vietnam: When and where to go?

Vietnam is one of the most popular vacation destinations these days due to its beautiful landscape and the tropical climate. The territory of Vietnam is […]

Vietnam weather forecast in August

To enjoy the trip to the fullest, it’s a must to be aware of the weather at the place you’re about to visit. Therefore, if […]

Where to go to Vietnam in December – The tropical winter

Vietnam has a significant difference in weather from north to south. Therefore, you can go to Vietnam at any time of the year. This article […]

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