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No automatic motorbike to Son Tra Peninsula from Oct 2019

There have been too many accidents caused by automatic motorbike in Son Tra Peninsula this time. The city government has just announced that there will be […]

A sneak peek at Vietnam agriculture

As an Asian country, Vietnam agriculture is the backbone of Vietnam’s main development strategy lollies. Hence, rice is also the main meal of the Vietnamese. […]

Changing in Vietnam traffic rules for motorbike drivers in October 2019

The speed limit for a motorbike in the densely populated area will reduce to 40 km/h while it is now 50 km/h. According to regulation […]

Rice in Vietnam and the long-lasting agriculture

Rice in Vietnam is not only a national product but also the main food of every Vietnamese meal. Moreover, it is an important export product […]

Top hot game show in Vietnam

Are you an expat? Do you want to catch up with the local trendings? Do you want to experience the local lifestyle? And do you […]

The paradox of Vietnam education system

Vietnam education system is a social issue that catches the attention of most of the citizen since there are too many problems occur every year. […]

Is prostitution legal in Vietnam?

Prostitution is a hot issue that people are debating all around the world. In Vietnam, it’s illegal and people consider it as a crime. However, […]

Vietnam unemployment rate – A wake-up call for Vietnam education

Vietnam unemployment rate is reducing as the report from the government. Even though the number of people in working age is increasing, the rate of […]

Social insurance in Vietnam is not effective

According to laws of using foreigner employees in Vietnam, the government requires foreigner employees to pay for social insurance in Vietnam at 8% of the […]

What is the most popular music player in Vietnam?

We all live in an era of modern technology development. We don’t need to buy any phonograph record or CDs. What’s more, the bulky CDs […]

Vietnam environment organizations

The polluted environment is a hot issue that all the world is facing. And so does Vietnam. The Vietnam environment is threatened seriously since the […]

The new wave of Vietnamese female singer

Each country has its own entertainment industry that is the most suitable for their culture and taste. So does the Vietnamese. If you want to […]

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