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What is the most popular music player in Vietnam?

We all live in an era of modern technology development. We don’t need to buy any phonograph record or CDs. What’s more, the bulky CDs […]

The new wave of Vietnamese female singer

Each country has its own entertainment industry that is the most suitable for their culture and taste. So does the Vietnamese. If you want to […]

Vietnamese male singer who builds the glorious period of Indie music

Indie music has become trending in the Vietnam market these years. There are more and more singers who start their music dream with Indie genre. […]

Vietnam top ten Youtube songs in July

It isn’t like other countries having paid-music platform already, most of the music-lovers in Vietnam listen to their favorite singers’ products on Youtube. As a […]

Top Youtube singers in Vietnam make you addict to

Music is an essential part of the Vietnamese people. If you are trying to live like a local, catching up with the local trending music […]

Music trends in locals – The scene of Vietnam indie music

Vietnam indie music now is a trend in locals filled with talented artists. It’s easy to hear an indie song in a cafe or on […]

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