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Come to see the amazing Vietnam rice terrace this September

The northwest of Vietnam attracts tourists not only in Vietnam but also around the world due to its imposing beauty of the consecutive mountain ranges. […]

Da Nang airport – A full guide for the first-visit tourist

Da Nang airport has two separate terminals for domestic and international. For those who visit the city for the first time, it might cause confusion. […]

What is the popular payment method in Vietnam?

Vietnamese people prefer cash rather than card payment. However, there is also online payment method that can help you from thieves and pickpocketers. Why do […]

How to survive during a storm in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country that has a stormy season every year. On average, there are more than 10 storms on the Vietnamese beach territory […]

What to do in Hanoi to have a memorable trip?

Hanoi is not only capital but also a poetic place that attracts both domestic and international travelers. What makes it special? Let’s learn what to […]

Vietnam traffic rules you should know before coming

Vietnamese transportation might cause you a lot of confusion since it is a mess, especially in the big cities at rush hours. However, do not […]

What to eat in Vietnam – Explore the cuisine culture of 3 regions

Vietnamese culture has a special attraction that every tourist comes here want to try its amazing tastes. In order to enjoy the true taste of […]

Which cinema in Vietnam should you go to?

The Vietnamese movie theaters not only have a large number of updated films with an affordable price but also provide you with wonderful amenities. Now […]

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