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Funny facts about transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Vietnam might be famous around the world with its massive. The stories of passing the road in Vietnam is a dangerous adventure of […]

Meaningful Vietnamese observances – time to show the gratitude

Vietnam, as well as other countries, have many holidays to celebrate, to remember and to mark important historic moments. Though they aren’t public holidays that […]

Go with a Vietnam travel buddy for an exciting wet market adventure

It’s said that every trip is an adventure to explore the world and yourself. But the most crucial thing is who accompany with you to […]

Thousands of years of culture in Vietnamese traditional house

To the Vietnamese, a house is the most important place. People always say “Not until you have settled down can you thrive”. Vietnamese traditional house is […]

The local man in Vietnam delight in street coffee culture

Since the French colonists brought the very first cup of coffee to Vietnam, the local man in Vietnam has made it become Vietnamese and represent […]

Vietnam grocery stores in local’s eyes- an interesting cultural adventure

In spite of the fast growth of modern stores like convenience stores or supermarkets, traditional Vietnam grocery stores still have their own attraction to local […]

Student boarding houses – The unique Vietnam culture

Not like college students in other countries, Vietnamese students choose to live in the student boarding houses more than dormitories. Years by years, it becomes […]

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