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Death anniversary in Vietnam – a unique traditional custom

Vietnam is an oriental country with many unique traditional cultures, especially the ancestors worship custom. Whilst, death anniversary is a feature in this custom. So […]

Buddhism in Vietnam through thoudsand years: It’s more than a religion

There are four primary religions and philosophies that shape the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. They are Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Among which, […]

Danang Buddhist festival – Explore one spiritual beauty of locals

Buddhism is the most well-known religion in Vietnam in general and Danang in particular. That’s why every year, there are big Buddhist festivals in this […]

A culture trip with Hoi An traditional villages

Hoi An is famous with the ancient beauty from hundreds of years old. Moreover, the local culture is also one of the attractions to tourists […]

Visit Danang and Hoian in March to experience festival in Vietnam

The advantage of traveling in the festival season is that you can enjoy landscapes and discover the local culture at the same time. Thus, for […]

Visit Vietnam in March – the start of your summer journey

When deciding the best time to visit Vietnam don’t forget to consider the country’s tropical monsoon climate. Sometimes, at the same time, the far north […]

The formation and development of the patriarchy in Vietnam

The patriarchy in Vietnam is a common kinship system in which an individual’s family membership derives from and is recorded through his or her father’s […]

The cultural beauty of traditional Vietnamese wedding etiquettes

There are three ceremonies in a traditional Vietnamese wedding. Two of them are requirements and one is optional. It means the local people can skip […]

Explore the culture of betel nuts chewing in Vietnam

As ancients said that a quid of betel starts a conversation, betel nuts chewing in Vietnam has always been a cultural beauty. However, this custom […]

Dog meat in Vietnam through local eyes: a dish or a culture?

The rest of the world seems to be very curious in the way Vietnamese people treat cats and dogs. Recently, many international newspapers have posted […]

Traditional Vietnamese Pho cooking recipe for you at home

To the world, Vietnamese cuisine has a determined position with Pho. However, there are not always chances for you to come to Vietnam and taste […]

International Women Day: Talk about the Vietnamese woman characters

“Công, Dung, Ngôn, Hạnh” – The four characters of a Vietnamese woman Even it is the modern time or in the past, “Công, Dung, Ngôn, […]

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