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Bia hoi corner – A part of Hanoi life

There is a thing you should try at least once when setting foot in Hanoi: Bia hoi corner. Those cheap glasses of beer, which are […]

Visit Cham Museum for a piece of the past

Da Nang is a tourist city which is famous for the beautiful natural landscape such as beaches, mountains, river, etc. Moreover, it also has many […]

Vietnamese chopsticks and how to use them

In Vietnamese as well as other Asian countries, chopsticks are the main dining utensils. However, for those who come from Western ones, it might take […]

New comer’s Vietnamese culture shocks

Each country in the world has its own culture and rules that you should follow. So does Vietnam. There is something that is banned in […]

Is prostitution legal in Vietnam?

Prostitution is a hot issue that people are debating all around the world. In Vietnam, it’s illegal and people consider it as a crime. However, […]

Traveling to Vietnam during Ghost Festival

In Vietnam, festivals usually are the occasion people enjoy their days off via traveling and partying. However, there is a festival in which they have […]

The basic characteristics of healthy Vietnam food culture

Vietnam food culture is formed from the agricultural lifestyle along with thousands of years of domination. The beauty in Vietnam culinary has been playing an […]

Explore ancient traditional food in Vietnam disappeared with the flow of time

Vietnam cuisine features with diversified and tasty dishes. It has a famous food like Pho, Bun Cha, Quang noodle, Banh Mi, etc. But ever you […]

Fun facts about Vietnam cuisine may knock you out!

Vietnam cuisine might impress tourists around the world with a unique taste. Moreover, the diversification of food is also a remarkable thing. Besides, the habits […]

The ancestor worship in Vietnam throughout centuries

Ancestor worship in Vietnam was introduced into Vietnam by the Chinese during their long occupation. The procedure of the ceremony can be varied from country […]

Burning joss paper in Vietnam – A thousands of years old ritual

Burring and worship dead people culture in Vietnam might shock the foreigners. But what shocks you more is not those rituals. Every year, the Vietnamese […]

Why you should not miss the Hung Kings Festival this April?

Hung Kings Festival is an annual public holiday of Vietnamese people to honor the Hung Kings. According to the Vietnam traditions and historical records, Hung […]

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