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What do Vietnamese people have for breakfast?

Western parents always say something like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, or “spoiled kids will not receive gifts from Santa Claus”. Similarly, […]

Fish sauce in a Vietnamese meal

Vietnamese family meal is always a cultural beauty that the locals try to keep and the foreigners try to experience. If you ever pay attention […]

Vietnam foods list of the ethnic minority in Northwest

You might see so many articles about Vietnam foods list. How about the special foods of ethnic minorities? The most unique and impressive traditional foods […]

Noodles recipes throughout Vietnam (Part.2)

Similar to the Vietnam food menu of noodles in the North and Central Vietnam, other regions in Vietnam has its signature noodles with unique recipes. […]

Popular food in Vietnam forbidden on first date

We all know the first impression is highly important when you want to start a face-to-face relationship. The most common concerns for the first date […]

What Vietnamese food should you order in a date?

Dating is a part of all relationships and “what should we eat?” is a question of all couples. To save your time when preparing for […]

What do Vietnamese eat to survive during the summer?

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. Although the winter is not too cold, the average summer temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius. Hence, the Vietnamese […]

Where to find the best Danang local food restaurants?

Nowadays, you can easily enjoy the flavor of food around the world when traveling to a country. But the best experience is still the local […]

Explore ancient traditional food in Vietnam disappeared with the flow of time

Vietnam cuisine features with diversified and tasty dishes. It has a famous food like Pho, Bun Cha, Quang noodle, Banh Mi, etc. But ever you […]

What to eat in Vietnam – Explore the cuisine culture of 3 regions

Vietnamese culture has a special attraction that every tourist comes here want to try its amazing tastes. In order to enjoy the true taste of […]

How to spend just $5 a day on Hoi An street food?

Hoi An is not only a beautiful ancient town but also a hidden food treasure. So what’s about taking a new challenge to explore the […]

The famous Vietnamese food would easily drive you insane!

The difference in soil and customs between three regions North – Central – South has led to the difference in cuisine. Therefore, with one name […]

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