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Unique Vietnam culture

Fun facts about Vietnam cuisine may know you out!

Vietnam cuisine might impress tourists around the world with a unique taste. Moreover, the diversification of food is also...

The ancestor worship in Vietnam throughout centuries

Ancestor worship in Vietnam was introduced into Vietnam by the Chinese during their long occupation The procedure of the...

Burning joss paper in Vietnam – A thousands of years old ritual

Burring and worship dead people culture in Vietnam might shock the foreigners. But what shocks you more is not...

Why you should not miss the Hung Kings Festival this April?

Hung Kings Festival is an annual public holiday of Vietnamese people to honor the Hung Kings. According to the...

Vietnamese temple architecture – The mystery of spiritual life

Vietnamese traditional architecture is always an interesting thing for tourists around the world due to its sculpture and decoration...

Things you should know when joining a Vietnamese traditional wedding

The etiquettes of a Vietnamese traditional wedding has changed many times. In each period of history, the local tradition...

The formation and development of the patriarchy in Vietnam

The patriarchy in Vietnam is a common kinship system in which an individual’s family membership derives from and is...

The cultural beauty of traditional Vietnamese wedding etiquettes

There are three ceremonies in a traditional Vietnamese wedding. Two of them are requirements and one is optional. It...

International Women Day: Talk about the Vietnamese woman characters

“Công, Dung, Ngôn, Hạnh” – The four characters of a Vietnamese woman Even it is the modern time or...

Pet in Vietnam – Dark and Bright sides of the picture

Pet in Vietnam seems to have two different sides of fate. They are a dark side and a bright...

Funny facts about transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Vietnam might be famous around the world with its massive. The stories of passing the road in...

Meaningful Vietnamese observances – time to show the gratitude

Vietnam, as well as other countries, have many holidays to celebrate, to remember and to mark important historic moments....

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