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Which cinema in Vietnam should you go to?

The Vietnamese movie theaters not only have a large number of updated films with an affordable price but also...

Burning joss paper in Vietnam – A thousands of years old ritual

Burring and worship dead people culture in Vietnam might shock the foreigners. But what shocks you more is not...

Visit Vietnam in March – the start of your summer journey

When deciding the best time to visit Vietnam don’t forget to consider the country’s tropical monsoon climate. Sometimes, at...

Funny facts about transportation in Vietnam

Transportation in Vietnam might be famous around the world with its massive. The stories of passing the road in...

Beer drinking in Vietnam – A local tradition that you should know

Beer drinking in Vietnam is in the top 3 in Asia since the expenditure volume reaches 3 billion litres...

Vietnam buddy finder mobile applications

Moving to a new town to start a new life always needs at least a local buddy to help...

An old charming beauty of Hoi An Lantern Festival

People usually wonder when the most beautiful Hoi An is. The answer is on the full moon nights, holidays...

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