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Top trustable websites when finding a house in Saigon?

The real estate in Saigon is still hot as it was before even years have passed. Finding a house in Saigon is more and more […]

House for rent in Da Nang city center with full furniture

A house in the city center brings a bunch of benefits on different sides. There are not only good conditions in transportation but also many […]

1 bedroom house for rent in Danang city center

You are living alone and do not want to spend too much for an apartment or a house with many rooms? Then 1 bedroom house […]

Recommendations for a 2 bedrooms house for rent in Da Nang

In case you move to Da Nang with your family but all you need is a small house enough for 4-5 members. Then, a 2 […]

4 bedrooms house for rent in Da Nang for a group of friends living

Are you going to move to Da Nang with a group of friends? Or are you moving alone and finding housemates to make your life […]

Long term house for rent in Danang city

When you are planning to move to a new town for a long time living, it is better to pick a house for rent than […]

Top 4 kinds of cheap short term house for rent in Vietnam you should skip

Normally, who want to have a long term in a new country will hire a house. But in some reluctant cases, you have to live […]

Cheap Danang house rental with amazing benefits

The most popular difficulty of foreigners when deciding to rent a house in Danang is its price. Danang house rental is much higher than an […]

A house in Da Nang near tourist attractions? Why not?

Han River and My Khe beach are two of the most popular destinations in Danang. People not only want to visit it but also want […]

What can we see from the fever of Danang property market

What do the numbers say? The Danang property market fever in the districts which are located far from the city center has been slow down. […]

Find peaceful moments with a luxury house for rent in Danang city

If you are moving to Danang city with your family or a group of friends in the long term, it is better to find a […]

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