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The best Hanoi night market for foreigners

The night market is a special culture of Southeast Asian countries. There are not only local products there but also so many interesting activities that […]

Ngoc Son Temple – The spiritual culture symbol of Hanoi

Ngoc Son Temple or the temple of the Jade Mountain is one of the famous symbols of Hanoi. It is located on the Jade island […]

7 things to keep in mind for a Hanoi tourist

CBeing a Hanoi tourist, you might confuse the local culture as well as the local services. Since citizen in Hanoi is from different provinces but […]

How’s the average annual weather in Hanoi?

When planning to travel to a brand new place, besides where to eat or what to do, you might look for the weather of the […]

Bia hoi corner – A part of Hanoi life

There is a thing you should try at least once when setting foot in Hanoi: Bia hoi corner. Those cheap glasses of beer, which are […]

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