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Vietnam buddy finder mobile applications

Moving to a new town to start a new life always needs at least a local buddy to help you adapt to the local culture. […]

24 hours with a local best friend: A guide to the Vietnam culinary world

Lots of people on globe know about Vietnam via the Vietnam war, whereas others get addicted to the Vietnamese Pho. However, they may not know […]

Expand business relationship with your local friend at Danang coffee shops

If you have a business journey to Danang, you will definitely be offered a meal by your business partners. To make it more polite, after […]

Find a local travel buddy: Eat like a local with 7 delicious Danang food

You can’t say you’ve visited Danang without eating these foods. But the best way to enjoy them is the local way. So for the most […]

Vietnamese coffee table etiquettes – Have Vietnamese local friends help you

You might hear about the Vietnamese table manners in the meal. How about Vietnamese coffee table manners? Let’s have Vietnamese local friends help you to […]

Which restaurants in Danang to meet a local friend for the business?

On your business trip to Danang city, there would be meals with your business partners. So, how to treat them like the way you meet […]

Have a local buddy help you find your right home in Danang city

Finding a place to stay when moving to the new town might be one of the most difficult and arduous things. Therefore, it would be […]

Explore the paradise of food with a local buddy in Danang

It is always better for your trip to have a local buddy in Danang when travelling to this most worth-living city in Vietnam. With the […]

The benefits of having a Vietnam local buddy to explore traditional Tet holiday

Tet has been the biggest traditional holiday in Vietnam for hundreds of years. Since it has gone with the local for such a long time, […]

Enjoy Tet holiday with the local buddy in Hoi An

Tet is the time for the family reunion in Vietnam. Moreover, it is also when traditional festivals and entertainment shows happen. If you are a […]

What a local buddy helps you adapt to the local culture?

When you start a new life in a new town, there are so many difficulties that you definitely cannot solve all of them sometimes. Especially, […]

Places to find friends in Danang city for a better life in town

When reading the title of this article, many of you might think that why I need to find friends in Danang. But hang on dude, […]

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