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Danang culture

Discover the youngsters’ nightlife at Danang night market

Tourists in Danang have at least once visited and shopped at bustle markets around this city. However, not many...

Take a special trip to explore the sparkling bridges in Danang

Besides the name of “the most worth-living city” in Vietnam, Da Nang also is known as “city of the...

Danang old name – Before you know about the name Danang

Have you ever wondered whether it has a Danang old name? Or how the name of this city has...

Danang holy pagodas – The spiritual life of local people

Danang is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and friendly people. Besides, it also contains a...

Visit Danang and Hoian in March to experience festival in Vietnam

The advantage of traveling in the festival season is that you can enjoy landscapes and discover the local culture...

How to find a local workout buddy in Danang?

You are going to find a local workout buddy during the time in Danang city? You do not know which...

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