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Are you looking for an apartment to rent for 3 months in Danang?

Whether you are traveling to Danang for business or study, finding a suitable apartment to rent for 3 months is a must. If you’re still […]

Top 5 serviced apartment in Danang that you can’t miss

Staying at a serviced apartment is a great choice when you can reach many useful utilities like spa, pool, laundry, etc. For who are looking […]

3 bedroom apartment for rent in Danang for comfortable living

It’s easy to find 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment for rent, but with a 3 bedroom apartment for rent, it is another thing. In […]

What can we see from the fever of Danang property market

What do the numbers say? The Danang property market fever in the districts which are located far from the city center has been slow down. […]

The reasonable Danang apartment rental in the city center

Since the number of foreigners coming to Danang has been raising, there are many properties for rent here. Hence, the Danang apartment rental can be […]

Serviced apartment in Danang for a business trip in the city center

To find a serviced apartment in Danang for a business trip is an important thing to do first. So with an apartment in the city […]

Are you looking for a Danang cheap apartment for students?

When going abroad to study, you have different needs in rentals to save money and experience local life. However, be a newbie in Danang, it’s […]

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