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Which district to choose for your apartment location in Saigon?

Finding a suitable apartment in Saigon likes challenging and overwhelming at the start due to the size of the city. There are too many options […]

Enjoy the beautiful life with these cheap luxury apartments in Danang

A luxury apartment does not only bring an ideal living space but also helps you to enjoy life better. However, most of the luxury apartments […]

What can we see from the fever of Danang property market

What do the numbers say? The Danang property market fever in the districts which are located far from the city center has been slow down. […]

Have a local buddy help you find your right home in Danang city

Finding a place to stay when moving to the new town might be one of the most difficult and arduous things. Therefore, it would be […]

Serviced apartment in Danang for a business trip in the city center

To find a serviced apartment in Danang for a business trip is an important thing to do first. So with an apartment in the city […]

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