Storm in Vietnam - How to survive during the stormy season
the structure of a storm in vietnam

How to survive during a storm in Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country that has a stormy season every year. On average, there are more than 10 storms on the Vietnamese beach territory every year. Half of them have direct impacts on the mainland. As a result, if you are living here, it is better to have a good preparation for this season. Hereunder, we list some tips to help you survive during a storm in Vietnam.

Before a storm in Vietnam

When a storm comes, you cannot do anything to save yourself if you have not prepared well for it. Thus, the preparation before a storm in Vietnam is very important. Due to the different from geography and natural conditions in Vietnam, the preparation for a storm here is a bit different from western countries.

prepare for a storm in vietnam

The preparation before a storm is very important for your safety during the storm.

Store food and water

When the storm comes, there will be no electricity, no water, and no grocery stores open. Therefore, the very first thing you need to do is store food and drink. Moreover, you also must storage water which is used for daily activities since water will not be provided during the storm.

Cut big trees down

When preparing for the storm in Vietnam, the local government usually cut the big trees down. Or they will chop the big branches of the trees. So that strong wind could not make them fall down and destroy your house. Moreover, it prevents the trees from falling down and obstructing the traffic.

cut big trees down before storm comes or it destroys your house

If you do not cut the big trees before the storm comes, it might destroy your house and threaten your live.

Strengthen your house

As the wind in the storm in Vietnam is so terrible that it could destroy your house and threat your life, it is necessary for you to make your house stronger. You can strengthen your house by improving the capability of bearing pressure on the glass doors. You should use the toughened adhesive tape to make it stronger. For other doors, make sure that it can be locked tightly so that the wind cannot blow into your house. Moreover, you must check the gutter and drainage pipes in case heavy rain happens and water needs to flow out of your house.

Store battery

Due to the reason that electricity is not available during the storm in Vietnam, you need to have a solution for this. There are some devices you need during the storm such as a radio which you can get the latest news about the storm. Or a light helps you to see things more clearly in the darkness. You must go to the grocery store and get some battery which is suitable for different devices that you want to use during the storm.

store baterry to prepare before a storm in vietnam

There will be no electricity during the storm, thus you need to store some batteries.


Before the storm in Vietnam, the local government usually has many notices. They can be via public speakers or television. You should notice the most is the evacuation. Or if you see that your house is not strong enough to protect you from the storm, it is better to have an evacuation. You may move to other provinces that the storm does not impact. However, remember to move before the storm come as it is not a great idea when you drive in the storm.

During the storm in Vietnam

The bathroom is the most ideal place to hide from a storm in Vietnam

There is no public place to hide during the storm in Vietnam like in the US. Therefore, if you do not evacuate, the best solution is to stay at home and find the safest place to hide. A safe place is where there is no window. Or if you cannot find any space in your house without the window, make sure you strengthen them with toughened adhesive tape. However, the ideal place to hide as the local experience is the bathroom or a wall cabinet.

choose the safe place to hide during the storm in vietnam

You must choose a safe place to hide during the storm.

Check radio frequently

Normally, there is no television during a storm in Vietnam. Hence, the best way to update the storm movement is to listen to the radio. Do not forget to check the radio every 15 – 20 minutes to know how the storm is. So that you could have a better solution.

Call 112 in urgent situations

In Vietnam, 112 is the emergency telephone number. However, the phone may not work well in the storm. And the rescue center may not approach you since there is too much call during the storm in Vietnam. Therefore, it is better if you have good preparation and are not panic during the storm.

using urgent call when you are in serious trouble in a storm in vietnam

When you are in danger, remember to call 112 for help.

After the storm in Vietnam

Do not get out of your place right when the wind stops

When the strong wind finishes, it is not safe if you go out and start cleaning. It may be when the storm eye is crossing your location. The weather at that time is temporary nice. But after a few minutes, the terrible wind starts. It is the most dangerous time in a storm in Vietnam. Therefore, do not get out of your place until you receive the notice from the authorized departments.

the structure of a storm in vietnam

The eye storm is where the weather is really nice. Do not make a mistake that the storm has finished.

Be careful when entering into the building

There are so many threaten after a storm in Vietnam. Since the electricity and gas system are not good. It may cause danger after the storm. Therefore, when you enter into any building, be careful of the gas leak, glass doors or power line. Additionally, remember to use the flashlight instead of candles or marches. There might be gas in the air after a storm, it could cause an explosion.


The storm in Vietnam might be not too strong that you cannot survive. However, it is terrible enough to threaten human life. Additionally, the facility in Vietnam is not good enough to bear the damage of a storm. Therefore, it is better to have a good preparation before a storm comes. You also need to have enough knowledge to take care of yourself and your family during and after the storm.