Take a special trip to explore the sparkling bridges in Danang
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Take a special trip to explore the sparkling bridges in Danang

Besides the name of “the most worth-living city” in Vietnam, Da Nang also is known as “city of the bridges” since there are many beautiful and unique bridges over the Han River. The bridges in Danang are not only connecting the life and the trade to both sides of the Han River but also attracting tourists coming here. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss these bridges on your Danang trip.

beautiful bridges in Danang travel

Explore the amazing bridges in Danang over the Han river – Photo: traveloka.

Han River bridge – The symbol of local pride

Han River bridge is the most familiar image of Da Nang City. It is 487.7m in length and 12.9m in width. Due to the first and only rotating bridge in Vietnam, the Han River bridge has been the pride of local people for many years until now. 

bridges in Danang sparkle Han River bridge

The shimmering beauty of Han River bridge at night – Photo: Internet.

Vietnamese architects and workers built the Han River bridge in 1998. At that time, local people wanted to have a bridge that can make it easier for transportation and trading activities between two sides of the river. Hence, they donated to build it. Consequently, life and the economy of both sides of the river have developed quickly since people opened the bridge for traffic in 2000.

When talking about the bridges in Danang, the Han River bridge is the first image that appears in local people minds. Now, tourists can see the Han River bridge rotating at 11 PM every Saturday and Sunday. So do not forget to add this activity to your checklist when you are on a Danang trip. Particularly, Han River Bridge is the one that locals usually gather to watch brilliant performances in Danang International Firework Festival every year.

bridges in Danang Han River bridge rotating

Don’t forget to watch the Han River bridge rotating when on a Danang trip – Photo: Internet.

Dragon bridge – The symbol of hardiness

bridges in Danang beautiful Dragon bridge

The unique architecture makes Dragon bridge famous with tourists – Photo: tuannguyentravel.

Dragon Bridge is the most famous one of bridges in Danang because of its unique architecture and beauty. The bridge is designed in the shape of a dragon heading toward the East Sea by Ammann & Whitney consulting engineers and Louis Berger corporation. It is in 666m length and 37.5m width over the Han River. The bridge symbolizes the desire for happiness and the stable development of local people. It also creates a charming and interesting attraction for tourists when coming to Da Nang.

It was opened for transportation with six lanes in 2013. This was also the year Danang celebrated 38 years of independence. At night, the bridge is light up with 15000 led lights. The bridge constantly changes the color light from yellow to green, blue and other sparkling colors. Thanks to this, the city night scene looks amazingly impressive and sparkle.

bridges in Danang Dragon bridge performance

A gorgeous scene of Dragon bridge breathing fire – Photo: danangfantasticity.

Especially, Love Lock bridge and the ‘Carp turns into Dragon’ statue under the Dragon bridge are also the famous destinations in Da Nang. The most special performance of the Dragon bridge that allures lots of tourists is that it breathes fire and water at 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday or on big holidays in a year.

Tran Thi Ly bridge – The symbol of romanticism

bridges in Danang Tran Thi Ly bridge romantic

Tran Thi Ly bridge with a romantic and modern beauty – Photo: Internet.

Opening into circulation at the same time as Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge is designed in the shape of a sail stretching out to the East Sea. Its name comes after the revolutionary Tran Thi Ly who has an indomitable spirit and admirable bravery in the war. The bridge has not only a soft and elegant beauty but also a unique and modern style among other bridges in Danang.

There is a tower in 145m height at the middle of the bridge, leaning toward the west at an angle of 12 degrees. Tran Thi Ly bridge has 731m in length and 34.5m in width. From the bridge looking toward the north, tourists can have a nice view of the Dragon bridge. And to the south, the view directs to Sunwheel that is one of ten highest wheels all over the world. Because of romantic views, Tran Thi Ly bridge is an ideal destination for couples to enjoy the beauty of Danang.

bridges in Danang Tran Thi Ly bridge view

From the city overlooking to the Tran Thi Ly bridge at night – Photo: Internet.

Thuan Phuoc bridge – The symbol of mystery

Located at the end of the Han River, Thuan Phuoc bridge crosses Da Nang Bay and connects Son Tra Peninsula to the city center. Besides, it also links Nguyen Tat Thanh Street and Truong Sa – Hoang Sa Street. Therefore, it connects the key tourist areas from Hai Van tunnel to Hoi An.

bridges in Danang sparkle Thuan Phuoc bridge

Thuan Phuoc bridge stands out at night with lots of led lights – Photo: Internet.

Different from other bridges in Danang, Thuan Phuoc is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam with 1,850m length and 18m width. People have started transporting on this bridge since 2009. Moreover, the bridge has become the symbol of mystery and majesty of Danang City. From the bridge, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Son Tra peninsula and the East Sea. Especially, watching the sunset on the Thuan Phuoc bridge is an unforgettable experience you should try when visiting Danang.

bridges in Danang Thuan Phuoc bridge sunset

Watching the sunset on the Thuan Phuoc is a must do for tourists – Photo: Justgola.

Nguyen Van Troi is one of the unique bridges in Danang

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is the oldest bridge and a historical symbol of Danang. For the war purpose, French army decided to build the bridge. It helped reduce the time of moving between two sides of the river. Thanks to this, the transportation of goods and weapons is more convenient. The RMK company in the US designed and constructed the bridge. Then, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was completed in 1965 with the arch of the rare Poni steel platform in Vietnam.

bridges in Danang walking Nguyen Van Troi bridge

Nguyen Van Troi bridge is a historical symbol of suffering and proud stage of locals – Photo: Pinterest.

After the liberation day, Danang named the bridge Nguyen Van Troi as the name of a Vietnam hero. Until recent years, authorities have decided to transform the Nguyen Van Troi bridge into a pedestrian bridge. Hence, it is the only pedestrian bridge among other bridges in Danang. Now it attracts many young people coming here to walk, play and take photos with friends. It is also an ideal place for residents to exercise and jog in the morning as well as night.

bridges in Danang historical Nguyen Van Troi bridge

Nguyen Van Troi bridge now is a walking street that attracts many young people – Photo: yeudanang.


Bridges in Da Nang are always a proud thing in the local people hearts. To have a meaningful and perfect trip ever, make sure to visit these superb bridges, especially at night. Each has its own soul and distinct but together, they make Da Nang become one of the most tourist attractions in Vietnam.