Son Tra Peninsula - 24 hours discover the green pearl of Da Nang
discover son tra peninsula in 24 hours

24 hours discover Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is the green pearl of Da Nang city. There is not only a diversified ecosystem on the peninsula but the road is amazing. Furthermore, there are tons of spots on Son Tra which have a harmony combination of the mountain and the sea. Let’s get ready for 24 hours to discover Son Tra!

Location of Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is about 10 kilometers away from the city center. It is on the north-eastern of the Da Nang. This peninsula spreads in an area of 60-kilometer square. The road to Son Tra is easy to find and to drive. Therefore, tourists can take a motorbike themselves, or take a taxi from the city center to the peninsula. Besides, there are many tourists ride their bike to visit Son Tra as a challenge.

son tra peninsula is a green pearl of the city

Son Tra Peninsula is a green pearl of Da Nang city which combines the beauty of mountains and ocean – Image: @milandonavanik.

From the city center, you just need to go to Pham Van Dong street. After reaching Pham Van Dong beach, you need to turn left then go straight and you can reach this amazing destination.

Discover Son Tra Peninsula in 24 hours

Let us show you a tour around the peninsula in 24 hours to see the most amazing scenery of Son Tra.

Start the journey at My Khe Beach in the early morning to see the amazing sunrise

My Khe is the most famous and beautiful beach in Da Nang city. It is located on the foot of the Son Tra Peninsula. Moreover, this is also one of the greatest places to watch the sunrise in the city. To watch the amazing sunrise, you should come here from 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM. At this time, it is not too crowded on the beach. There will be a few tourists, most people here are the locals who come for a swim in the early morning.

early morning on my khe beach. it is an ideal place to start your son tra peninsula trip in the early morning

Welcome amazing dawn at My Khe beach – Image: @emiemi6207.

Come to Dong Dinh Museum to learn more about the local fishing village culture

Dong Dinh is a cultural museum which is located on Son Tra Peninsula. It is designed as a friendly place that has a harmonic combination of nature and exhibition areas. There are four main areas: antique exhibition area, art exhibition area, fishing village memories exhibition area, and ethnographic exhibition area. Each of these areas has its own style and theme. It indicates the unique culture of locals in the past. You can find the very old stuff of the locals from the very first days to the daily stuff. Hence, you can have the chance to understand more about the local lifestyle of the fishing village.

dong dinh museum is like a secret garden in son tra peninsula

Dong Dinh Museum is a cultural spot on the peninsula – Image: @shilok_.

Linh Ung Pagoda – The holiest pagoda in Da Nang city

Linh Ung Pagoda is the most outstanding destination in Son Tra Peninsula. It has the tallest Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue in Vietnam that can be seen from anywhere on the coast in Da Nang. Linh Ung Pagoda is a symbol of peace. Local people see it as protection of Buddha from natural disasters. Moreover, the architecture of the pagoda is one of the impressions that not only tourists from along Vietnam but also tourists around the world feel interested in. On Tet holiday, most of the people in Da Nang come to this pagoda to wish for a year full of luck, happiness, and success.

linh ung pagoda is the most outstanding destination in son tra peninsula

The tallest Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue in Vietnam – Image: @otto_von_insta.

Come to discover the wild rock beach Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang is an unpopular destination on Son Tra Peninsula. However, for those who really love exploring, this is an ideal place to visit. Ghenh Bang is a rock beach whose length is 2 kilometers. There are so many large to small size of rocks which are arranged naturally and make the wild beauty of this beach. As the local experience, Ghenh Bang is a great place to go fishing, diving, and enjoy the best fresh seafood.

ghenh bang is a less-known place in son tra peninsula

Ghenh Bang is a less-known place in Son Tra – Image: @ttth.252.

Thousand years old tree – Lord of the trees on Son Tra Peninsula

Due to the long growth of the ecosystem on the Son Tra Peninsula, there must be so many old trees that are thousands of years old. The most famous one that the locals have discovered is the thousand years old tree. This is an ideal place to hang out for a picnic with friends and family. The cool atmosphere and wild vibe could make your soul free and relaxing. Moreover, the amazing secondary roots of this thousand years old tree could make you surprise and feel holy. It looks like the lord of trees on the peninsula is guarding for their safety.

thousand years old tree is like the lord of the tree on son tra peninsula

The lord of the tree on Son Tra – Thousand years old tree

Mui Nghe – The first place welcome dawn in Da Nang

There is a less-known place in Son Tra Peninsula that is also the eastern point of Da Nang, Mui Nghe. From the thousand years old tree, you can reach Mui Nghe by driving ahead for 2 kilometers. Mui Nghe was named as its shape looks like a sea lion. And “Nghe” in Vietnamese also means sea lion. Due to being the eastern point of Da Nang, Mui Nghe is the first place to welcome dawn in the city. Additionally, the water in this place is so pure and clean that you can see the bottom easily.

mui nghe is the first place in son tra peninsula welcomes dawn

Mui Nghe looks like a sea lion – Image: @nguyenn.anhtuan.


Ban Co Peak – The roof of Da Nang city

As a roof of not only the Son Tra Peninsula but also Da Nang city, you can have a great view of the city and the East Sea. Moreover, there is an interesting story of the chess desk on this peak related to the local belief about gods and fairy.

ban co peak is the roof of son tra peninsula

The chess desk goes with an interesting story – Image: @alenduspara1991.

Camping overnight on Ban Co Peak to wait for the amazing sunrise

There is an interesting activity that most of the travelers in Da Nang want to do is to go camping overnight once on Son Tra Peninsula. And the most ideal place is Ban Co Peak. There is a flat area near s which the locals use as a Golf paragliding. This is a great place to go camping overnight. You could have the chance to watch a charming city at night. Moreover, the stunning sunrise is so beautiful that you could not forget the moments when the very first lights of the sun appear.

early morning from the golf paragliding

Early morning from the golf paragliding – Image: Lodyhelp.