Enjoy a short term apartment for rent in Danang near the beach
short term apartment for rent 1 carnation kitchen

Enjoy a short term apartment for rent in Danang near the beach

For a wonderful trip to Danang, you can’t miss the marvelous beaches. Hence, to enjoy the beaches to the fullest, renting an apartment nearby is a great choice. Here under are 3 recommends for you to choose a nice short term apartment for rent in Danang near the beach

short term apartment for rent 1 carnation kitchen

The deluxe short term apartment for rent in Danang near the beach.

Deluxe short term apartment for rent with 8 minutes walking to the beach

With tasteful design and trendy interior, this short term apartment for rent is a dream hide out to enjoy the beach. Located at To Hien Thanh street, it takes only 8 minutes of walking to reach My Khe Beach. Besides, it’s easy to reach many utilities like cafes, restaurants, stores, etc within a few minutes on foot.

Designed with open space for all rooms, the apartment gives an airy and modern feeling. Once you enter the threshold, on the right hand is a wooden shelf to place your belongings. As a studio apartment type, you can see the overview of the property at a glimpse.

short term apartment for rent carnation bed

Trendy design with modern furniture.

The kitchen has new amenities with the stylish design will catch your eyes right away. It has basic utensils like a smart kitchen hood, electric stove, fridge, sink, etc. All utensils are in a neat space so the kitchen looks tidy and clean. Next to the kitchen cabinet is an elegant dining table. With the blue cushions, the room is more vivid and energetic.

short term apartment for rent carnation window

Thanks to the large window, the apartment is bright and airy.

On the other hand, there is a small blue sofa next to the big glass window. You can use this space to take a sip of coffee while watching a street view. Or you can lie on the sofa and read your favorite books. This is like a relaxing little corner to go away from a busy life.

short term apartment for rent carnation bedroom

A smart way to design a bedroom for a spacious feeling.

The special thing in the architecture is the bedroom. It’s separated by glass. Therefore, the apartment looks spacious and luxurious. Just a few steps, you can reach the comfy bed.

Next to the bedroom is the bathroom. With wooden and glass materials, the bathroom is bright and clean. It also has a deluxe look thanks to the white tone furniture.

short term apartment for rent carnation bathroom

The bathroom is clean in the white tone.

Overall, the apartment brings a high-class feeling thanks to delicate interiors in the light tone. Moreover, the wooden floor and furniture help the property cozy as well. To enjoy a holiday in this charming coastal city, you shouldn’t miss this short term apartment for rent. For sure, it will be a perfect spot to have great check-in photos!

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Luxury 1-bedroom apartment for rent in the neutral tone

Unlike the above apartment with brilliant colors, this short term apartment for rent combines the white, black and grey colors in the design. They make the apartment looks trendy and luxury.

short term apartment for rent near beach livingroom

A small living room in the neutral tone.

The living room is just a small space but it has basic furniture like a comfy sofa, a satellite TV, shelf and table in black and a chic style standing lamp. Despite the narrow space, there is a little window which lets the sunshine into the room. Hence, the living room is cozy and bright.

short term apartment for rent near beach kitchen1

The kitchen looks luxurious with black and white wooden furniture.

Connected with the living room is the kitchen. It has modern utensils like a fridge, microwave, kitchen hood, electric stove and so on. The kitchen cabinet is made of wood in the dark color as well. Right beside is a dining table set, also in wood material and enough for 4 people. Moreover, there is an elegant chandelier on the ceiling so it gives the kitchen a deluxe appearance.

On the other hand, the bedroom is in a white and grey tone. It has a big size bed placed under a small window. Next to the bed is a unique hanging lamp with yellow light, offers more the warm to the room. Especially, there is a private space in the bedroom for placing a wardrobe and changing clothes.

short term apartment for rent near beach bedroom

The bedroom gives a simple and cozy feeling.

The bathroom is quite small but it’s settled with marble bricks. Hence, it looks clean. Even the mainstream tone is in white and black, thanks to the wooden interior and floor, this short term apartment still has a cozy ambiance. If you’re a beach lover, take a look at this property now! It takes only 2 minutes of walking to My Khe beach from the apartment.

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Lovely summer vibe short term apartment for rent in Danang

This 1 bedroom apartment will make you feel sweet and welcoming once you enter. Sit at Nguyen Van Thoai street, which is a main road in the city, there are many services nearby. As a result, living here brings to you a convenient life. Furthermore, with only 10 minutes of walking, you can see the beautiful beach. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset on the beach. It’ll be a memorable experience for your whole trip.

short term apartment for rent cozy kitchen

The vintage wall highlights the apartment.

The apartment looks cozy thanks to the wooden furniture and lovely decoration. The kitchen is furnished with full utensils like microwave, fridge, stove, etc. Especially, the kitchen wall is featured with vintage patterns. Hence, it has a unique and cute look. Otherwise, the dining table set is in wood material with sweet colors as white and brown tone. Besides, there are a window and many greenish around the room. Therefore, you can feel close to nature when living here.

short term apartment for rent cozy table

A lovely corner of the kitchen.

From the kitchen, you can see the bedroom through a glass door. Despite the small area, the bedroom has a window so it’s still airy and bright. There is a bed, a table, and a chair in the room. All in wood material and white color. You can close the curtain to have privacy or avoid the sunshine.

short term apartment for rent cozy bedroom

The bedroom is small but cozy.

To highlight this short term apartment for rent, the owner has placed many plants and flowers inside. With colorful decoration, this property is a great choice for people who seek for the good vibe in the city.

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With good-looking and fully furnished, these apartments won’t let you down. So for a holiday or a short trip to Danang, living in a short term apartment for rent gives you more comfortable and private space. But at the same time, located near the beach is a wonderful choice to enjoy this attractive coastal destination.