Shopping in Saigon - Antique markets and the memory corners of Saigon

Antiques shopping in Saigon – Memory corner of the old Saigon

The old Saigon is something interested to not only the locals but also tourists. It is not spontaneous that the old Saigon gets that attraction. It was the pearl of Indochina with a prosperous economy and high standard life. Thus, those who are interested in the old Saigon usually like having their old Saigon collection. If you want to learn more about Saigon on those days and see how it was prosperous, besides museums and historical places, going shopping in Saigon at these memory corners would be a great choice.

Antique shopping in Saigon

Antique hunting is a good way to learn more about the local – Image: Cliff Johnson.

Saigon has many interesting markets. A number of them are the places for the antiques which was collected from the old days. They attract not only the old people who want to recall the memories but also young people who want to know more about the life of the old Saigon people. Hereunder, we introduce to you the best markets to come for antiques in Saigon.

No Trang Long street bazaar – Weekend antiques shopping in Saigon

This antique bazaar happens every weekend at a coffee shop on No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District. It is one of the most famous names of antique shopping in Saigon. This market is from 6 AM to 2 PM and it has an entrance fee at 30,000 VND/person. This fee is not only for entering into the market space but also for drinks since it is held in a coffee shop.

There is a lot of stuff for antique shopping in Saigon

There is a varied in the type of antiques at No Trang Long street – Image: Cafe Cho Do Co.

Here you can see so many impressive antique collections of the old Saigon. There is decoration stuff of the old architecture. Besides, you can find the daily stuff that people used in the South Vietnam time. Additionally, the most attractive stuff is the old currencies including Indochinese currencies and Vietnam old currencies with different denominations.

People come here for different purposes. If you want to collect some interesting and valuable antiques, here is a great place to visit. You can also just come to see and photograph the antiques of the old Saigon, pick a local drink to enjoy the unique vibe.

Address: Cao Minh Coffee, 311/27 No Trang Long Street, Binh Thanh District.

Le Cong Kieu antique street

This is one of the oldest antique shopping places in Saigon. It has worked since 1975 on a 300 meters street. There are around 40 stores here with a varied of antiques.

An antique shop on the antique street

An antique shop with different designs of old watches – Image: Cao Phong Vu.

On this antique street, each store only sells a small number of product types. There are pottery, bronze, wooden products that were used popularly in worship rituals of the old Saigon people. Additionally, film cameras are the most favorite products here for those who are interested in old photos’ blends.

Additionally, you can find the luxurious antiques which were from the rich families in South Vietnam time. They are the wall hanging pictures and household stuff. Additionally, as the other antique markets, they provide the old currencies of South Vietnam and Indochina.

Address: Le Cong Kieu Street, District 1.

Nhat Tao market for antique shopping in Saigon

Most of the locals know Nhat Tao as a second-hand market for electronic products. However, it is also a great place for antique shopping in Saigon.

A antique store in Nhat Tao market

An antique shop in Nhat Tao market – Image: Thuy Phan | Zing News.

Among the paradise of second-hand electronic products, there are some stalls with antiques. Most of these antiques are the old electronic products from South Vietnam time and watches. Additionally, bronze statues are a popular products here. Most of them are the Buddha statues, dragon, unicorn, lion, and other prosperous symbol statues.

Address: Nhat Tao Street, District 10.


Coming to the antique markets is also a good experience to learn more about the local culture and lifestyle as well as history. You are not required to buy any products there but can enjoy the vibe and photograph them to save your memories about the old Saigon.