Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam - What should buy for a meaningful souvenir?
Cute gift you can buy in Hoi An

Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam – What souvenirs to buy after a trip

Hoi An ancient town with a unique culture will give you beautiful memories. Thus, keeping something to remind of the wonderful trip will be so meaningful. But when shopping in Hoi An Vietnam, what should buy? Which one is the most famous souvenir of the ancient town? Which one is either the traditional product or easy to bring back home? Let’s find the answer!

shopping in hoi an vietnam

What souvenirs should you buy after a trip to Hoi An? – Image: Alain.stewart | Instagram.

Hoi An lantern – The most famous product of shopping in Hoi An Vietnam

The image of Hoi An with the lanterns on the small alleys is famous around the world. Therefore, when shopping in Hoi An Vietnam for a souvenir, it cannot miss out the bamboo lanterns.

Making bamboo lantern is a traditional job in Hoi An. The artisans use bamboo frame and pieces of silk to make a lantern. Firstly, the bamboo which is used to make lantern must be chosen carefully. The higher the quality of bamboo is, the longer the lantern can be kept. Moreover, better bamboo slat, the more beautiful the frame. After that, the silk to make a lantern is also a good quality one. It is normally from traditional silk village in Hoi An. Therefore, even though you can find the lantern in many places in Vietnam and around the world. The lantern in Hoi An is more special since all the materials are the local products.

shopping in hoi an vietnam

Lantern making is a tradition of Hoi An people for thousands of years – Image: Milesofsmiles._ | Instagram.

Some recommended shops to buy lanterns in Hoi An:

03 Nguyen Hoang street, Hoi An city.

84 Tran Phu street, Hoi An city.

Sewing products in Hoi An

Instead of paying an expensive price for a brand name vest, you still can have a great one at a cheap price in Hoi An. Moreover, this souvenir is not only meaningful but also is so luxurious to the receivers. Therefore, with sewing products, shopping in Hoi An Vietnam for souvenir is so worthy.

shopping in hoi an vietnam

The sewing product in Hoi An with good quality at cheap prices – Image: Belitailor | Instagram.

Sewing service in Hoi An is known as the fasted and cheapest one in the world. When traveling to Hoi An, you should not miss out the chance to own a sewing product here. Especially, hand-made vest! If you do not have enough time to wait for your order complete. It is still okay. The shop will deliver to your exact address no matter how far it is. Besides sets of the vest, you still can order for other silk clothes. Hoi An has a silk traditional village where all of the producing silk processes are hand-made. Therefore, having a silk product is also a good choice if you do not prefer the vest.

Some recommended shops to order for sewing products in Hoi An:

Yaly – 358 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Hoi An.

Bebe’s – 09 Hoang Dieu street, Hoi An.

Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam for wooden sculpture products

You might see so many smile wooden faces on Hoi An’s streets. They are one of the traditional products of Hoi An. Furthermore, these faces are the Ghost in the South East Asian belief. Thus, having them in your house might bring luck and happiness. Most of the wooden products in Hoi An are from Kim Bong which is the wooden traditional village. Moreover, there is not only the smile wooden faces but also home decoration wooden stuff that you can buy as souvenirs.

shoppig in hoi an vietnam

The popular smile wooden faces appear on many Hoi An streets.

These wooden product has gone with Hoi An history for centuries. Therefore, this is also a representative of Hoi An culture and development. If you do not have enough space to put the smile wooden face into your luggage. A tiny wooden thing is still a good choice for shopping in Hoi An Vietnam. Come to Kim Bong village, you have so many options to choose. It can be a comb, a spoon, a set of chopsticks, or small wooden animals.

Some recommended shops to buy wooden sculpture products in Hoi An:

Kim Bong Carpentry village, Cam Kim, Hoi An city.

Hoi An market, Tran Quy Cap street, Hoi An city.

Toy figurines – Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam for the Vietnamese childhood toy

There are no Vietnamese kids grow up without knowing the toy figurine. It is a favorite toy of childhood. Therefore, shopping in Hoi An Vietnam with the toy figurine is a good choice for you to bring the simple but meaningful Vietnamese cultural beauty back home.

Figurines is a familiar toy of every Vietnamese kids.

Toy figurine is meaningful stuff to every Vietnamese kids – Image: Tycho Atsma | Unsplash.

The toy figurine attracts the local kids due to not only its shape as the cute animals but also the sound that it makes. There is a horn at the back of the toy figurine that you can blow for sound. Therefore, the local kids love this toy so much. Normally, these figurines are shaped by the 12 animal designations.

Some recommended shops to buy toy figurines in Hoi An:

In front of Quang Dong Assembly Hall, 176 Tran Phu street, Hoi An city.


Silk products

Hoi An Silk Village is a traditional village in the ancient town. It has survived for thousands of years since the French colonial period. All products here are hand-made from the producing to designing. It is a feat process of feeding silkworm, reeling, and weaving silk. Therefore, the quality of silk here is so awesome. Hence, shopping in Hoi An Vietnam with silk products will be so meaningful.

silk products from Hoi An

Silk products are also a good choice for you when shopping in Hoi An Vietnam – Image: Adventures_In_Fluency | Instagram.

Besides silk clothes, you can choose the handicraft such as shawls, handkerchiefs, and so on. It is not only light for your luggage but also is a luxurious and delicate gift for the receivers.

Recommended place to buy silk products in Hoi An:

Hoi An Silk Village, 28 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Hoi An city.


There are so many souvenirs in Hoi An that you can buy to keep your memories about this ancient town. Moreover, it is also so meaningful to the ones who receive your gifts. When shopping in Hoi An Vietnam, remember to choose the ones which representative for the traditional culture of this old town.