Social issues in Vietnam - Environment and education in Vietnam
Popular problems in Vietnam

Serious social issues in Vietnam

Being a developing country with agriculture, there are so many issues exist in Vietnam. Moreover, government management is not strong and tough enough to control the situation in order to make it better. Therefore, until now, there are so many serious social issues in Vietnam which have bad impacts on the benefits of citizens.

Environmental pollution – The hottest topic in every discussion of social issues in Vietnam

While the world is in a war against plastic trash, Vietnam is in the top 17 countries produce plastic waste. Moreover, there is no effective recycling system in the country until now. Therefore, plastic waste is one of the most serious social issues in Vietnam. In Vietnam, the status of soil, air, water, light, and noise pollution are also so serious. If a few years ago, people feel free to go out without any protection stuff such as mask, sunglass, or skin protection cosmetic. Recent years, you can see the image of Vietnamese people going out with full protection from head to toes.

air pollution impacts on the human life so badly

Air pollution is impacting on the citizens’ life – Image: Diana Parkhouse.

Additionally, thick fog, extreme weather phenomenons, and unpredicted weather have impacted on local life. It is the time the Vietnamese people recognize that the environment is changing to a worse status. And their life, their health is threatened.

Another bad fact in environmental issues in Vietnam comes from government management.  Even though they record that Vietnam produces more than 19,000 tons of waste to the ocean (2019). However, the fact is that there are so many strange waste boats which arrive in Vietnam ports in order to ship trash to the beach of this country. It shows a weakness in the management of the government in protecting the country’s environment. That is the reason why the environment is one of the serious social issues in Vietnam that cause pressing in the local community.

environment is the most serious social issues in vietnam

Plastic waste is the biggest environmental issue in Vietnam – Image: John Cameron.

Education system – Learn by heart takes the main role

The reason that the education system becomes one of the most serious social issues in Vietnam is the lack of practice. During the time students study under the education system in Vietnam, students only learn science and social. Most of the objects are learn by heart instead of study to understand and apply in practice. Moreover, survival skills, physical exercise, or art are not considered as an important part in the developing of students.

education in Vietnam

Education in Vietnam still has so many negative problems.

Furthermore, the important courses such as in the university are also not effective as the local opinion. Students only can study theory. There is no chance for them to practice what they learn at the university. As a result, students graduate under the Vietnamese educational system could not find their own career orientation.

Additionally, extra classes with tutors are very popular meanwhile if the education progress in the school is good enough, there will be no need for these classes. This is one of the social issues in Vietnam which catch the attention of most of the citizens every year. Furthermore, the plan for university entrance examinations is not a long-term one. In fact, it changes every year. As a result, it makes students have no good preparation for the examinations.

gradution without knowing career orientation

Bachelors graduate but still do not know what to do is a popular situation in Vietnamese student community – Image: MD Duran.

They all lead to a result that the unemployment after graduating as well as bachelors do not work as their major are so popular in Vietnam.


Education and the environment take a very important role in the development of society. Being a developing country, these social issues in Vietnam need to be solved to a developed country. Moreover, it also helps to improve the life standard of local people.