Seasons in Vietnam: When and where to go throughout the year?
seasons in vietnam

Seasons in Vietnam: When and where to go?

Vietnam is one of the most popular vacation destinations these days due to its beautiful landscape and the tropical climate. The territory of Vietnam is stretched so that it has many kinds of climate. Thus, if you’re wondering “what seasons in Vietnam you should choose to travel“, here is our recommendation!

Spring – the “festival seasons” in Vietnam (January – March)

There’s not really a right or wrong time to visit Vietnam. It’s because you will be able to experience different seasons in Vietnam each month in every region. However, the season attracts most of the visitors to Vietnam is the “festival season”.

seasons in vietnam

Spring – the festival seasons in Vietnam – Image:

One of the most important festivals in Vietnam is the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), which often occurs in the spring. During this period, the weather of three main regions is quite friendly to people from all corners of the world. What’s more, though Tet only lasts not more than 10 days, each region has its own following festivals which can last from January to the end of March. Most of them usually take place in the Northeast provinces like Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh, etc.

Explore summer seasons in Vietnam (April – August)

Because Vietnam is in the zone of the tropical climate, and the territory is stretched, there are many kinds of summer seasons in Vietnam. The Northern region, especially Hanoi, the weather is hot and humid with high rainfall and the temperature gets higher on the way down to the South. The Southern part of Vietnam has the tropical monsoon climate so there are only two seasons: dry and rainy. In the period from May to October, it’s generally warm and wet so if you don’t want to stick with the raincoat or umbrella, you shouldn’t visit Northern Vietnam in this season.

seasons in vietnam

My Khe Beach is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes – Image:

However, the central portion of the country might be the right summer destination. It’s where you can find the perfect beach to enjoy your summer away from the crowds. Da Nang, a lovely coastal in Central Vietnam is the first place to be. Its My Khe Beach is listed as one of the six most attractive beaches on Earth. Or else, you can pay a visit to Nha Trang to experience water extreme sports.

seasons in vietnam

Da Lat is like an elegant girl – Image: vivu.3mien.todya.

On the other hand, the locals prefer moving to highlands to run away from the summer heat either. Two most popular spot is Da Lat and Central Highlands. While Da Lat is like an elegant girl with a romantic atmosphere, Central Highlands is like a wild strong man with pristine forests waiting for you to explore.

seasons in vietnam

While Central Highlands is like a strong man among wild forests – Image: Long Lou.

Straight to the North to enjoy Vietnamese autumn (August – October)

Northern Vietnam is in the zone of tropical climate with a little bit more distinctive seasonal changes in the weather than the rest of this country. And Hanoi is the best place for you to experience one of the best seasons in Vietnam, autumn.

seasons in vietnam

Autumn is one of the most unique seasons in Vietnam that can be observed in Hanoi – Image:

Autumn in Hanoi starts from September and lasts until October or November. Especially, the most beautiful month of Hanoi autumn is October. In the early morning and afternoon, you can see the fog on the river. At the end of October, the temperature begins to go down. Plus, there can be Northeast monsoon. It’s cold but the October sunshine is incredible.

Experience the breathtaking landscape in cold seasons in Vietnam

Sapa, Ha Giang, as well as Vietnam’s Northwest region, has two seasons in Vietnam: the dry season and wet season. The dry season runs from October to March. Moreover, it can get very cold and frosty at the end of the year. As a country locating near the equator, snow is a rare phenomenon. As a result, this mountainous region is very crowded during this time.

seasons in vietnam

Snow is a rare phenomenon in Vietnam – Image:

However, it would be worth your visit as it’s the season of buckwheat-blooming. The enchanting beauty of the vast mountains covered by pink flowers will make you feel like in a dream. What’s more, the cool breeze will bring the fragrance of buckwheats to refresh your soul.

seasons in vietnam

In November, you should travel to Ha Giang Province to enjoy the buckwheat seasons in Vietnam – Image:


With different weather patterns, you will be able to experience different seasons in Vietnam anywhere and anytime. With our suggestion above, hope you can find a suitable time to visit our country and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.