Rice in Vietnam and the long-lasting agriculture for thousands of years
rice in vietnam and the long-lasting agriculture

Rice in Vietnam and the long-lasting agriculture

Rice in Vietnam is not only a national product but also the main food of every Vietnamese meal. Moreover, it is an important export product that brings a big amount of GDP.

Due to the long-lasting agriculture, Vietnam rice is an essential part of the local life. If you have the chance to make a tour across the country, you could see the rice fields along the road. It is not only a place to grow rice but also a meaningful image to every of the Vietnamese. It accompanies the Vietnamese children’s childhood, it reminds of the peace and quiet.

The history of Vietnam agriculture

Agriculture was the very first civilization in Vietnam. It was also the basis of the village lifestyle in the country. The reason for this long-lasting culture is soil and weather. They make good conditions to grow rice in Vietnam. There are two biggest rice fields in the country. They are in Me Kong and Red River delta.

rice in vietnam is the proud of the locals

Rice has gone with the Vietnamese for thousands of years – Image: Duong Tri.

Rice in Vietnam has a remarkable impact on the local lifestyle, the development of society and the economy of the country. There are so many different dishes that are made of rice. Most of the noodles in Vietnam is from rice such as Bun, Pho, or Quang noodles, Cao Lau, and so on. Besides, there is plenty of different rice cakes such as water fern cake, Banh Xeo, rice paper (soft and crunchy) and so on. The locals usually say that without rice, it is not a meal. It can be any form of rice such as noodles or cake. As long as there is rice in the ingredient, it is enough for a Vietnamese meal.

there are different kinds of cake made of rice in vietnam

There are so many kinds of rice cake – Image: Anna Pham.

Furthermore, the patient, saving, and carefulness of the Vietnamese people are also a result of the agriculture impact. It also is the origin of the different religions and traditional festivals in the country.

Rice in Vietnam is one of the main national export product

Since the 1880s, rice in Vietnam has become the main export product of southern Vietnam. There was almost 300 hundred tons of rice was exported from the Me Kong Delta. Every year, exporting rice brings a big amount of income for the country. Vietnam is the second biggest rice export country in the world, following Thailand. The main consuming markets are China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and some others. Therefore, it helps to improve the life standard of Vietnamese farmers well.

rice in vietnam is the main export product of the country

Vietnam is the second country in export rice to the world – Image: Foto T.

Furthermore, the government also invests in technology in order to help farmers to increase the productivity of cultivating and harvest. In Vietnam, there are national standards for rice so that the export product can be sure of high quality. Thus, the capability of rice export can be improved. And rice in Vietnam is able to keep its position in the world market.