Rent an apartment in Danang: Which area you should live?
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Rent an apartment in Danang: Which area you should live?

Are you planning a trip to Danang or a long-term stay in this beautiful coastal city? The first and most important thing to do is finding an apartment in Danang. As a newbie, for sure that you don’t know which area to live to enjoy everyday living here. Just take your time to consider some recommended ones below to have better decisions.

apartment in Danang in the city center Thanh Thuy

A beautiful apartment in Danang in the city center – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Find an apartment in Danang in the city center

Choosing an apartment in Danang in the central area is the head and shoulders above any choices.

Firstly, transportation is important for any newbies when moving to a new place. Therefore, living in the city center helps you reach transportations easily. If you want to use public vehicles, there are diversified bus routes. They usually link with main roads and outstanding spots like Big C supermarket, Lotte Mart, universities, parks, etc. Hence, it’s a piece of cake for reaching any places in the urban. It’s also a way to protect the environment for cleaner air.

apartment in Danang in the city center

Big C supermarket is a hot spot in the city center – Photo: danangfantasticity.

Secondly, just a few steps from the property, you can find plenty of useful utilities like bank, market, hospital, restaurant, etc. Within a 1-minute walk, you can enjoy a delicious meal or shop for goods in the emergency states. As a newcomer, this is a savior!

apartment in Danang Pasteur Street

2-bed studio apartment at Pasteur street in the city center – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Finally, it’s not only the things facilitate your life, living in the city center brings to you interesting entertainments and relaxing activities. At night, you can experience a vibrant life at the bustling streets full of cafes, bars, pubs, karaoke and so on. In case you like admire the serenity of Danang, let’s take a walk along the Han river. Enjoy the breeze touching your skin and watch the sparkling bridges are must-do on a Danang trip.

apartment in Danang Yen Bai Street

A balcony studio apartment at Yen Bai street – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Some recommended streets for hiring an apartment in Danang in the city center are “Bach Dang St” “Nguyen Van Linh St” “Tran Hung Dao St” “Nguyen Chi Thanh St” etc. Renting a property at these areas will support your life much but at the same time, it brings a busy and noisy ambiance as well. Besides, the renting fee is high. So for more commercial choices, you can take a look at some properties at small lanes like Ly Thuong Kiet St., Pasteur St., Hoang Van Thu St., Tran Quoc Toan St., etc.

Rent an apartment in Danang at An Thuong Quarter

An Thuong Quarter is famous with foreigner tourists and expats coming to Danang. Locals also call the area is West Street. Therefore, more and more tourists and expats choose this area for living in Danang.

apartment in Danang An Thuong Quarter Le Quang Dao street

A modern apartment at An Thuong Quarter – Photo: Lodyhelp.

The Quarter includes many roads like Hoang Ke Viem St, Chau Thi Vinh Te St, Tran Bach Dang St, An Thuong 25,29,31, and so on. So why this area is a hot spot? The reason is that it brings to you not only a convenient but also relaxing life. Along with the development of tourism, there are more and more accommodations. They provide a large amount of staying requirement. Most of them are newly built so they offer modern and furnished living spaces. Furthermore, the surrounding is more peaceful than living in the city center. That’s why more and more people choosing here to have a long-term stay in Danang.

apartment in Danang Wanderlust coffee

Wanderlust Coffee and Cocktail Bar is a popular bar with tourists and expats in An Thuong Quarter – Photo: Fanpage.

Besides, lots of services like a cafe, restaurant, spa, bar, pub, etc are growing. Many of them are high-quality and fit for foreigner’s taste. You can easily find a Korean BBQ restaurant, chic style cafes or high-class spas to experience. Otherwise, enjoy a cocktail and chill with friends is a good choice for a weekend. As you see, it’s easy to enjoy good services and great atmosphere within a few steps from the property. Moreover, the streets are airy and the facilities are new. As a result, you can lead an expedient and pleasant life when renting an apartment in Danang in this area.

apartment in Danang An Thuong Quarter Phan Tu street

A stylish apartment near the beach at Phan Tu Street – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Especially, the area is just 500 meters far away from My Khe Beach. This is the most beautiful beach in Danang with clean water and poetic surrounding scenes. So if you’re a beach lover, don’t hesitate to pick a property here. In addition, there are many seafood restaurants nearby. Hence, you can always have a wide range of fresh and delicious seafood cuisines. Asides from the beach, An Thuong Night Market is a hot spot as well. With many food stalls and music performances, the market is worth a visit.

apartment in Danang An Thuong Quarter Tran Bach Dang Street

A luxury apartment at Tran Bach Dang Street – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Stay at a beachside apartment in Danang

Another great choice for renting an apartment in Danang is the beachside area. Danang has many magnificent beaches that allure tourists worldwide coming to enjoy. So why not living in a beachside apartment in Danang?

If you want to enjoy time away from hustling life, living near the beach is a great option. It helps you relax every day. Just imagine how good to enjoy the cool air and listen to the sound of waves. In the morning, you can take time to do exercise on the beach for a healthy life. Go swimming is also a good way to start your day.

beachside apartment in Danang scene

Living in the beachside area is a good choice to enjoy the serenity of Danang – Photo: The Blond Travels.

Particularly, watching the sunset on the beach is a spectacular experience you can’t miss. The beautiful orange sky covers the beach and you will feel ease after a tired day. To people who crave for a tranquil life in Danang, beachside apartments are the best!

Thanks to the development of tourism in Danang, there are many services around this area. That’s why you don’t need to worry about reaching the essential facilities. It might get quite far away from the city center but it takes only a few minutes of driving to go there. At the same time, you can also avoid noisy and busy crowds as well.

beachside apartment in Danang Hoang Sa street

A deluxe beachside apartment in Danang – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Some recommended streets for your apartment in Danang near the beach are Vo Nguyen Giap St., Hoang Sa St., and Nguyen Tat Thanh St. At the Vo Nguyen Giap St., it opposites My Khe Beach so it is more bustling. Hence,  the accommodations are more and the price is rather expensive. For a cheaper price, you can give a look at apartments at Hoang Sa St. and Nguyen Tat Thanh St. These streets are opposite to Man Thai Beach and Thanh Binh Beach. They are pristine beaches that suit for your calming time to enjoy nature to the most.

In addition, there are many beachfront five-star resorts that you can consider to have a luxury life in Danang.

beachside apartment in Danang nightlife


Now it’s easier to choose an area for living that meets your requirements. To find a nice apartment in Danang, try to visit Lodyhelp website. It provides a variety of properties in Danang with many useful services included in the city to help you have a convenient life. Drop by to enjoy by yourself!