Lacking experience, rent a house still as easy as a pie!
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Lacking of experience, rent a house still as easy as a pie!

If you are a newbie in the real estate market, it isn’t easy for you to rent a house. When you want to start an independent life, owning a house is a must. However, not everyone can afford a house, especially in an expensive city like Danang. Therefore, renting now has become a trend. It’s a long-term business and you must follow the law. So having a plan will protect you from the enchanting battle of landlords or the brokers. When looking for a rental house, you need to identify the following factors

rent a house

It’s not an easy game to rent a house miles away from home.

Determine the demand when you rent a house

The first step is figuring out your requirements for at least one or two years. In case you move out for work or study, there is no need to find a large house for one person only. You can rent a house first, then looking for roommates to share your monthly expenses. This is a common solution when you have a house but not enough budget for it.

rent a house

Finding a roommate is an ideal solution if you don’t have enough money to rent a house individually – Image: Nikodash/Fotolia.

Moreover, you need to make a specific plan for your desire, demands for the accommodation. When you rent a house, it’s not the same as going shopping or rent a car. Most notably, you should decide to stay in the city center or the suburbs, which district to optimize the route to your school or office.

rent a house

The location contributes a lot to the decision to rent a house – Image:

Next, you should pay attention to the design and the structure when you rent a house. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you need a front yard and a pool? Or if you have any certain criteria about the feng shui, the amenities, etc.

rent a house

Remember to consider the structure and design when looking for a house for rent – Image:

Besides, newlyweds who want to live far away from their parents should pay attention to the children issue. This means when you rent a house, it’s necessary that the house has at least one more empty room. For this option, you can let your relatives or a renter live in this room while waiting for your own baby.

rent a house

If you plan to have a baby, you should rent a house with at least an empty room – Image:

Prepare for the financial ability before you rent a house

Firstly, you should be aware that there is no house in the urban area, with high security that offers cheap prices. “Cheapest is the dearest” usually right. So do not spend time searching for a house like that. Furthermore, when somebody offers you to rent a house like that, you’d better review the background carefully. It may be an illegally acquired or a confiscated house.

rent a house

It’s compulsory to prepare for the budget before choosing where to rent a house.

In fact, the spacious houses in the accommodation location often have the extortionate rental price. On the contrary, if you agree to move a little bit to the rural area, you will have more chance to rent a house with an economic rental. In addition to that, you should determine your budget for monthly rent and the deposit first. It is then you can consider whether you need a large or moderate house, near or far the city center.

Do you need to rent a house with furniture available insides?

The advantage when you rent a house with full interiors is that you can enjoy right after moving in. However, this kind of property usually costs much more than an empty house. Moreover, if the landlord finds out something broken down while you staying there, you have to pay the compensation. Meanwhile, you may not be able to check how long that furniture has been used and you will have to pay for an unreasonable fee.

rent a house

A house with full furniture is convenient. But do you really need it? – Image:

Tips for you when deciding to rent a house: You’d better find an empty house then slowly fill it with your own furniture. In the future, when you can move out to another rental house or buy a new one, you can bring them with you.

rent a house

Be alert if you don’t want to pay for a nonsense compensation. – Image: Gatehouse No.1 Furniture & Interior Design.

Research the surrounding area before deciding to rent a house

Though you have chosen a suitable property, before you rent a house, you should check the surrounding area. Be careful if the owner promotes you a house without tenants. It’s quite nonsense that there is no one hiring such a good house like that. On the contrary, if possible, you ought to talk to the former tenant. It’s a chance to know more about things the landlord didn’t tell you.

rent a house

You can find groups of those who want to rent a house and talk to them for more information.

Though you have chosen a favorite house, it’s necessary to look up for more information. You can join groups for those who want to rent a house and find the answer there. They can tell you whether it’s safe to jogging at 5 a.m here. Furthermore, you can talk to the neighborhood for the amenities in that area. They will show you the nearest hospital, market, bus stop and the short cut that only locals know. If you’re lucky, they even can show you other properties with the lower price around there!

rent a house

The neighbors may give you important information that you couldn’t find on the Internet.


The Internet is a very good tool for you to find information to rent a house. Nonetheless, you need to be alert, research the market price and be cautious with the unbelievable snip.


It would take you lots of time and effort to rent a house. Hopefully, the sharing above will help you gain more experience to find your dream home!