Prostitution in Vietnam: Is it a crime or a profession?
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Is prostitution legal in Vietnam?

Prostitution is a hot issue that people are debating all around the world. In Vietnam, it’s illegal and people consider it as a crime. However, a large number of people support legalizing prostitution, while others are against it. So let’s see what do people think about prostitution in Vietnam.

The history of prostitution in Vietnam

During the feudalism, the Vietnamese women had to follow the Confucianism to meet four women-standards. All they did was giving birth and doing housework. Therefore, there were not many “sex workers” in that period of time. During the feudalism of Vietnam, there is a literary work, “The Tale of Kieu”, describing the terrible life of a prostitute. She sacrificed herself to save her family from imprisonment. The writer described her as a beauty with an ill-fated life and was forced to be a sex worker. However, the background of this literature is from China.

When the French colonized Vietnam, the demand for buying sex of the French soldiers was raised which led to the appearance of prostitution in Vietnam. There were lots of huge brothels in Vietnam. This uncontrolled development had increased a high percentage of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and HIV up to 99%. When the American soldiers came to Vietnam, this type of business has become one of the main dollar sources.

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Prostitution is a crime in Vietnam.

Why the government banned prostitution in Vietnam

Prostitution in Vietnam is a crime. The sex workers and pimps have to deal with tons of legal issues if the police arrest them. It is because prostitution violates the nation’s Constitution that protects the sanctity of marriage. Moreover, it also violates the International Human rights Convention, especially Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others. Furthermore, the government blamed prostitution on homewrecking. It is because there were a large number of men crazy about those call girls that ignored their own families.

Besides, prostitution in Vietnam is the main reason for human trafficking. In small cities, many call girls are under 18. Some are forced into the trade because of the financial burden. In addition, children and women are misled by fraudulent job opportunities and sold to brothels in China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Singapore or even South Korea. Plus, many children from rural areas are working in restaurants, massage parlors, and karaoke bars as sex workers.

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Prostitution in Vietnam causes many bad effects on society.

Another drawback of prostitution in Vietnam is that the government can’t control the number of STDs and HIV cases among sex workers. Since sex selling is illegal, those prostitutes can’t access health services. As a result, the infections go untreated and spread.

Vietnam is working on legalizing prostitution

There are many workshops, seminars, and so on in Vietnam talking about the prostitution legalization. The law now is focusing on the commercial sex industry but ignore the huge number of victims. Penalties for prostitution sadly aren’t enough to make them quit their job and the traffickers are too sophisticated to be arrested. So the penalties basically don’t work.

Therefore, the government is considering the advantages of legalizing this type of business. Firstly, they can collect tax from those sex seller easily when the government grants permission for the brothels. Moreover, it may reduce human trafficking since all of the prostitutes need to have licenses. What’s more, when people consider prostitution as a profession, the workers can live as a human. They will have social insurance and get health care, which can lead to a decrease in STDs and HIV case.

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Vietnam’s government is working on legalizing prostitution.


The prostitution in Vietnam, an Eastern country, is illegal. Though there are some countries in the world have recognized prostitution as a profession, Vietnam’s government is still working on it. As citizenship and human rights have been improved, people will have been discussing this issue for a long while until the confirmation.