2-bedroom luxury apartment in Danang

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    2-bedroom luxury apartment with a good location

    This 2-bedroom luxury apartment brings to you a large and welcoming living space. It’s located at Binh Minh 1 Street. It nears 2/9 Street with many services around. You can easily find a cafe, restaurant or spa to relax. Besides, you can reach school, market, bank, medical center and so on within just 1 kilometer by walking. Especially, for a long-term life, it takes you 12 minutes walking from the property to Moi Market. This is a popular market with various products so you can shop for anything to live a convenient everyday living.

    On the other hand, it takes you 5 minutes walking to the Han riverside. Therefore, you can easily have sightseeing here especially at night. Or in the early morning, you can do exercise along the riverside to get a healthy and fresh life. Furthermore, from here to walk more 500 meters, you will see the Dragon Bridge. If you want to enjoy a bustling life, this area is all you need. With many outdoor cafes, bars and pubs, you can get a lively night with friends.


    Enjoy a 2-bedroom luxury apartment in a modern design

    The decoration will make anyone feel luxury and bright. The property has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and 2 bathrooms. With an 80 square meters in area, it gives a comfortable space to live. It’s designed modernly with most light color wooden furniture. Besides, another furniture is in the white tone so it makes up an elegant style.

    The combination in color lights brings a warm and luxury feeling for the property. There is also a balcony next to the living room so you can enjoy the air here. Especially, there is a wine rack that highlights the living room. And for the bathtub lover, this 2-bedroom luxury apartment is a deal that you can’t miss. Soaking in a hot bathtub and relaxing is the best feeling ever after a working day.

    In addition, there is a sightseeing space on the terrace of the building. With a view directed to the Dragon bridge, you can enjoy the fire and water breathing performance to the fullest. A good apartment likes a good friend so you can’t miss it!

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    • 24-hour check-in available • No pets allowed • Car parking available free of charge • Turn off the lights, air conditioning, and electrical • Lock the door and close the windows when leaving the property. • Be careful when using cooking appliances, heaters or other fire hazards.


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