Studio apartment in Danang near the beach

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    Studio apartment in Danang nears the pristine beach

    Located in the quiet place, this studio apartment in Danang offers you a cozy and peaceful space. It’s located at 22 Tan Thai 1 Street. It takes only 5 minutes walking to the Man Thai beach from the property. Man Thai Beach is near Son Tra Peninsula so when swimming you can watch the poetic scene of sea and mountain. Immerse yourself in the cool water or listen to the sound of waves are wonderful experiences. This is a pristine beach that you can enjoy peace. There are many seafood restaurants around here with delicious cuisines.

    Although it’s not at the central city, the property still nears other utilities like schools, Man Thai market, banks and so on. Besides, there are many Vietnam restaurants surrounding the apartment so you can enjoy the traditional flavor of Vietnamese cuisines. It not only makes your life convenient but also offers you a peaceful living space.

    Studio apartment in Danang with a lovely living space

    This is a studio apartment in Danang with the bedroom, living room and kitchen share the same space. Every space is fully-furnished. The interior is designed simply with most wooden furniture. Therefore, the apartment has a cozy and deluxe feeling. There are two windows to get sunshine into the property. The sunshine helps to lighten the rooms and make them more spacious. Besides, there is a balcony so you can decorate it in a little garden. It will help you add more green space to your apartment. The bathroom is in a simple and modern design. The black brick combine with the white wall makes it look clean.

    Otherwise, you can use the washing machine on the ground floor. Moreover, you can use the clothes drying area on the terrace. The landlord also provides the indoor parking and the common room. You can make a friend or throw a party with other residents in the common room. For who lives alone, this apartment is a good choice that you can’t miss.

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    • No pets allowed • Turn off the lights, air conditioning, and electrical • Lock the door and close the windows when leaving the property. • Be careful when using cooking appliances, heaters or other fire hazards. • Treat the property as your own home. • Additional charges may apply for any loss or damages. • Guests of all ages are welcome.


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