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What is the most popular music player in Vietnam?

We all live in an era of modern technology development. We don’t need to buy any phonograph record or CDs. What’s more, the bulky CDs player, after being reduced to a tiny mp3 player, is now integrated into the smartphone. Thus, hereunder, there are some popular music players in Vietnam you can use when being in this lovely country.

Zing MP3 – The most downloaded popular music player in Vietnam

Zing MP3 is the most popular music player in Vietnam with a big traffic volume. This application offers a huge free online music store to let you enjoy unlimited music. Moreover, it also brings you lots of high-quality and updated music genres to meet your taste. Besides, it has real-time charts of songs and music videos so that you can be aware of which song is hot in Vietnam by checking these chart. You can download songs to your phone for free and listen to them offline. In addition to that, Zing MP3 provides you with the web version so that you can enjoy the music whilst working on the PC or laptop as well. However, since it’s a non-commercial website, there are some songs and artists are not available here.

popular music player in vietnam

Zing MP3 – the most popular music player in Vietnam.

NhacCuaTui – The popular music player in Vietnam for free

NhacCuaTui is another popular music player in Vietnam, which is the official opponent of Zing MP3. Starting from a music website where users can share tracks freely, NhacCuaTui has become one of the most downloaded music applications in Vietnam. It has thousands of new songs and videos from professional singers and users. The songs are also arranged into categories such as US-UK, K-pop, C-pop, etc and indispensable V-pop. Furthermore, base on the listen-habits of users, NhacCuaTui offers them some playlists like Coffee Playlist, Study Time, and so on.

popular music player in vietnam

NhacCuaTui offers playlists base on your listening habit.

Keeng – the social media of music in Vietnam

Keeng is a popular music player in Vietnam in which users are able to not only listen to music online but also make friends with those who share the same taste. In addition, through this social network, many well-known artists share their pieces of work before its release day. Like other music applications, Keeng has an extremely huge online music store. Especially, this is a reliable source for you to enjoy the copyrighted songs.

popular music player in vietnam

Keeng is where you can find those who have the same interest with you.

SoundCloud – The popular music player in Vietnam for indie-fans

Another popular online music player in Vietnam is SoundCloud. This platform is very useful for indie producers as well as listeners all around the world. You can find here a variety of Vietnamese famous indie singers’ first songs on SoundCloud. Since it’s free (and premium package with low cost) many people have uploaded their music to share with others. In addition to that, SoundCloud Go is a music streaming application offering millions of popular music tracks. With $9.99 per month, you can experience the third-largest music collection in the world (after Google Play Music and Youtube Red). Hence, this is an ideal place you can find for yourself some favorite indie artists and keep in pace with their new tracks. Besides, this music application includes other features to let you create your own playlist or like and download your favorite songs.

popular music player in vietnam

SoundCloud is a popular music player in Vietnam for indie-lovers – Image:

Spotify – The popular music player in Vietnam offering copyrighted songs

Spotify is one of the most popular music players not only in Vietnam but also on Earth. Via this app, you can enjoy, discover and share millions of songs anywhere and anytime you want. Moreover, when buying a premium package, you will have a greater experience. It offers millions of song, music playlists, radio, podcasts, and videos as well. Plus, base on your habit, it will suggest you some playlists that you can’t help but click right away. Or else, you will be able to create your own ones and share them with your friends. Other music players may have some better function than Spotify, but it still does everything so well that it became the most popular one.

popular music player in vietnam

Spotify is the most common music player in the world – Image:

Xone FM – the popular radio application to change the way you listen to music

This application provides many outstanding features including radio broadcasting, exclusive videos, interviews, and so on. In addition to enjoying the music, the listeners can interact with Xone FM’s VJs and guests. Daily programs will take you closer to the music world with Top 40 V-pop, Breakfast Xone, and so on.

popular music player in Vietnam

Xone FM can change the way you listen to music – Image: Xone FM.


Listening to music is one of the most common habits. It can help you release stress and refresh your mind after a hard-working day. Therefore, with the popular music player in Vietnam, you don’t need to drop this habit when being miles away from home. Let’s install and enjoy your favorite songs with five useful application that we introduce above.