Places to visit in Danang at night - From the city center to the penisula

Top 5 best places to visit in Danang at night

There are so many places to visit in Danang. However, most of them are suitable at day. People usually say that there is nothing to do in Danang at night. Nonetheless, there are some interesting places for you to visit at night. You can come to find a peaceful vibe, exciting atmosphere, or majestic scenery. Let’s get ready to explore a stunning Danang at night!

Dragon Bridge – The new city symbol

Besides the traditional city symbol Han River Bridge, there is a new spot in Danang city that most tourists want to come and take a picture here. It is the Dragon Bridge. And it is also one of the most famous places to visit in Danang at night.

the dragon bridges is one the most worthy places to visit in danang at night

Dragon Bridge is a new city symbol – Image: Evgeny Ermakov.

Dragon Bridge is over the Han River. It is, with three others, make a poetic scenery of the city at night. Moreover, it is now considered as one of the city symbols. The most impressive moment of the bridge is when the night falls down. 2,500 lights are on and light up the bridge. The lights can change within 5 colors. On the weekend, Dragon Bridge has a unique performance that has nowhere else in Vietnam. Every 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday, the dragon on the bridge fires and waters. It indicates the desire of local people for a happy and prosperous life.

Lovelock bridge – One of the worthy places to visit in Danang for couples

Inspiring by the famous lovelock bridges in the western countries, the Lovelock Bridge was built in Danang and become one of the most worthy places to visit in this city. From the Dragon Bridge, you just need to walk around 300 meters to reach this bridge. The Lovelock Bridge, Dragon Bridge, and the Carp turn into the dragon statue is a cluster attraction of the city.

lovelock bridge is one of the most romantic places to visit in Danang city

Lovelock Bridge is the witness of so many love stories – Image: An Luu.


The bridge is 68 meters of length. It is toward the middle of the Han River. Besides the railing which is designed as the dragon patterns, there are the heart pillars that make the bridge more romantic. This is an ideal place for newlywed couples to come to take wedding photos.

Moreover, the Carp turn into the dragon bridge is also a new symbol of the city since it is designed special and looks alike the Lion statue of Singapore. At night, they both make a great place to come and take pictures, enjoy the exciting but romantic vibe of the city. And this is also a great place to watch the Dragon Bridge performance on the weekend.

Ban Co peak – One of the adventure places to visit in Danang at night

While living in other cities, you have to leave the city to find a place for overnight camping, there are tons of places to visit in Danang for your camping. Ban Co peak is not only an impressive destination for day exploration but also at night. As the roof of Danang city, you can have a wonderful view of the whole city. There is a ground for you to camp on Ban Co peak. Especially, waking up early in the morning will give you the chance to watch the amazing sunrise and enjoy cool air with no city noise.

ban co peak is one of the greatest places to visit in danang at night

Ban Co peak is not only a place to check-in at day but also is a wonderful place for overnight camping – Image: fxhfh Eyrndj.

Pham Van Dong beach is one of the exciting public places to visit in Danang

One of the most interesting things in Danang is there are so many public places to visit. It can be the stadium with public competitions. It also can be large parks with exciting sports. And, being a coastal city, of course, there must be public beaches with attractive activities. Pham Van Dong beach is one of those interesting places.

pham van dong beach is not only a great place at day but interesting destination at night

Pham Van Dong beach with interesting activities at day and attractive music performances – Image: @trucnganxixi.

This is not only an ideal place to watch the sunrise in Danang but also is a great place to come at night. There are usually public music performances at night with local bands. You can choose to buy drinks there or bring drinks from outside. Additionally, Pham Van Dong beach is also a great place to come and enjoy the fresh sea air at night. It would be so peaceful, light, and relaxing.

Sun World Danang Wonder

If you love thrilling games and modern activities, Sun World Danang Wonder is your destination. There are tons of different thrilling games in this place for you to enjoy. This is in the top places to visit in Danang for modern entertainment, together with Cocobay, Helio, and so on.

sun wheel is one of the most interesting places to visit in danang at night to see the whole charming city with millions lights

The Sun Wheel can be seen from anywhere in Danang – Image: Ai Duy Nguyen Tran.

The most worthy activity to try in Sun World Danang Wonder at night is the Sun Wheel. The wheel is the tallest one in Vietnam and is listed in the top 10 tallest wheels around the world. By taking a tour of this wheel, you can watch the whole charming city at night with millions of lights. Besides, this is also a romantic place for you to mark your important day in your love journey.

Night market at Helio Center

The night market is a unique culture of SEA countries. In Danang, the most famous and crowded night market is in Helio Center. A paradise of street food in the night market makes it become one of the most worthy places to visit in Danang at night. There is a foodcourt outdoor for you to put all your orders there and enjoy an exciting atmosphere with the local music performance on the public stage.

helio night market is one of the most popular places to visit in danang for street food

Night market in Helio is a great place to enjoy the paradise of food – Image: @youmini_716.

Furthermore, there is a small bazaar in the right section of the night market. They sell all the special products of Danang and also the daily stuff. You can come to find clothes, shoes, accessories, electric accessories, and so on.

Linh Ung Pagoda

If you want to have a view of the charming city at night but not want to go to Ban Co peak, Linh Ung Pagoda is a great place. Danang is famous for the holy pagodas. And Linh Ung is the holiest one that attracts millions of Buddhists come to visit every year. Moreover, the tallest Buddha statue of Vietnam is in this pagoda which you can see it from everywhere along the beach.

linh ung pagoda at night is one of the greatest place to visit in danang at night

Buddhism festival in Linh Ung Pagoda at night – Image: Pham Hung.


Even though Danang is a peaceful city with a slow lifestyle, there are still interesting and exciting places to visit at night. You can choose a relaxing place to rest well and refill energy for the next long day. You also can come to chill in exciting places. And there are so many romantic places for you to show your love.