Pho Hanoi - The soul of a thousand years old Thang Long culture

Pho Hanoi – The soul of Thang Long culture

Vietnam culture is so unique and mysterious that attracts a number of tourists around the world come to discover. The more interesting thing is that each region along the S-shaped country has its own uniqueness that has been gone with the locals for hundreds or even thousands of years. Among the areas in Vietnam, Hanoi is the land of culture and tradition, especially its cuisine culture. Mentioning Hanoi cuisine, people always think of Pho Hanoi. It is not just food, but it is the soul of the thousands of years old culture from Thang Long land to the Hanoi capital.

Pho Hanoi is an essence of the Vietnam food

Pho Hanoi is an image of the capital city – Image: @r47natjan.

Pho Hanoi – The soul of Thang Long culture

Thang Long culture

Vietnamese people mention Thang Long by the phrase “thousand years of Thang Long culture”. It has been the symbol of the country’s culture.

Before 1010, the capital of Dai Co Viet (the old name of Vietnam) was in Hoa Lu which was based in Ninh Binh province today. In 1010, Ly Cong Uan, who was the King of the Ly Dynasty, moved the capital of Dai Co Viet to Thang Long which is Hanoi today. In 1805, the Nguyen Dynasty moved Vietnam’s capital to Hue city and destroyed Thang Long Citadel. However, the culture and tradition of the locals have still remained for more than a thousand years until today.

Pho has been in Hanoi for a hundred years ago

Burden street with Pho has been a popular image of the city a hundred years ago – Image: Noinauphosite.

Thang Long was the capital city with priceless intangible cultural values that have been more than a thousand years old. It presents in the local lifestyle, architecture, cuisine, and more. It is also the Old Square with 36 streets which have been there for almost 10 centuries. And it is also a living witness of the historical events that were to protect the country’s independence.

Thang Long culture also presents in the ancient infrastructures such as One Pillar Pagoda which is an amazing image of the national flower, lotus. It is also in the first university of Vietnam, Literature Temple. Thang Long culture is in the Hoan Kiem Lake, The Huc Bridge, and Hanoi Post Office building. It presents in Ba Dinh Square where the Declaration of Independence was announced by Ho Chi Minh Former President of Vietnam at the first freedom moments of the country. It especially presents in the local festivals and rituals that the locals always keep them for a thousand years.

Pho Hanoi and Thang Long culture

Even though Pho Hanoi has not been from the Thang Long culture, it has gone with the locals for almost a hundred years. In the 1930s, Pho has been the most popular dish to the locals in Hanoi.

A true taste of Pho Hanoi must have its special herbs

A true taste of Pho must go with its special herbs – Image: @mona_tlm.

If Thang Long culture creates the unique lifestyle of the locals, the locals added that lifestyle to Pho recipe, especially the soup recipe. It is not all about what makes Pho become an essence of  Vietnamese cuisine, the way local people eat this dish is also a special culture.

Local people do not eat Pho quickly like the other noodles, like Thang Long traditional lifestyle. They have it slowly and enjoyably so that they can feel all the tastes of this dish. As a tradition, a bowl of Pho needs to have with basil, piper nigrum, and chanh com (a special lemon only have in northern Vietnam). Only those extra spices can make the soup tastiest.

Pho Hanoi nowadays

During such a long time, Pho is still the best option for Hanoi people for every meal. The locals can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. It is not difficult to find a burden street with Pho. It is from the main road to the narrow alleys, from the early morning until midnight.

Pho Hanoi appears in Bali, Indonesia

A Pho restaurant in Bali, Indonesia – Image: @pho_thin_bali.

Pho Hanoi nowadays is not a specialty of the capital but the image of Vietnamese cuisine. You can find Pho not only in the Thang Long land but everywhere in the country. However, to try the true taste of this Hanoi specialty, it is better to have it in Hanoi. Furthermore, not all the restaurants and burden streets in Hanoi provide the true taste of Pho. You need to come to the right places to have a good experience and taste the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.


Pho Hanoi is not only a specialty of the capital city but also the essence country’s cuisine. It has gone with the locals through important historical events of the country. More than that, Pho is the soul of the Thang Long land. If you visit Hanoi, do not forget to try this taste once. You will be hard to forget this taste.