Experience the peaceful life with Nomad Yoga Hoi An
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Experience the peaceful life with Nomad Yoga Hoi An

Yoga is a popular morning exercise for many people. Most of them, even being on the trip, don’t stop looking for a suitable place to continue the yoga process. Hence, if you are in Hoi An, Nomad Yoga Hoi An can meet your requirements.

nomad yoga hoi an

Backpackers, expats, and locals can find the “zen zone” at Nomad Yoga Hoi An – Image: nomadyogahoian.com.

The benefits of practicing yoga regularly at Nomad Yoga Hoi An

As a backpacker, it’s likely that you need to face a variety of problems such as jet lag, stress, or loneliness. Moreover, frequent travel can harm your knees and back. However, you can easily reduce those bad effects by attending Nomad Yoga Hoi An by experience yoga benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety: When practicing yoga, you can transfer your focus into the postures, pay more attention to your body and breath. That’s how you can lessen your worry and heal your soul.
  • Release stress: Yoga encourages relaxation as well as lower the stress hormone, thus reduce overall stress levels.
  • Boost energy: Yoga can active the blood flow through your body by stretching the spine.
  • Reduce back pain: Many yoga postures strengthen the back muscles so that it can reduce the pressure on the spine. When the back and abdominal muscles are well conditioned, back pain can be avoided.
  • Improve mental health: there’s research showing that yoga can help improve memory and IQ scores. Moreover, with a fresh soul and a  healthy body, you will have no more exhausting day.

Join the professional yoga sessions at Nomad Yoga Hoi An

If you’ve asked around for a suitable yoga spot in town, you will be definitely guided to Nomad Yoga Hoi An as the most popular yoga classes. Opening for such a short period, Nomad has become a home away from home of traveling yogis.

When attending Nomad Yoga Hoi An, you can choose the studio among rice fields or on An Bang Beach. Instead of making poses indoors, you can start a day with a morning yoga class at the beach. The beautiful setting on a verandah overlooking An Bang Beach is a great way for you to connect with the ocean whilst doing morning exercises. Furthermore, you will also have a chance to end the evening with relaxation in the studio with a yoga session right next to the river to temper anxiety.

nomad yoga hoi an

It would be great to start a day with a yoga class overlooking to An Bang Beach – Image: nomadyogahoian.com.

Enhance your health with skillful instructors at Nomad Yoga Hoi An

Nomad Yoga Hoi An nicely locates on the riverside not too far from the ancient town. You can choose among a wide range of classes at all levels with kind and knowledgeable teachers here. There are also some movements that you’ve never seen before in your homeland, which bring new awareness to your body. It includes Beginner Classes. Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Core Flows, Yin Yoga, and so on. In addition to that, if you’re facing travel problems, we highly recommend you Travellers Restorative Classes to deep in the zen zone before your flight back to the huge workload at home.

nomad yoga hoi an

Nomad Yoga Hoi An offers you enthusiastic and knowledgable instructors – Image: Courtesy of Nomad Yoga.

Besides, Nomad Yoga Hoi An is like an oasis of peace just off the hustle and bustle of the old town. There’s an on-site coffee shop specializes in natural foods, tasty breakfast bowls, and juice detox programs. The place and staff create an amazing relaxing atmosphere where you just want to stay, drink a cup of coffee of dig in tasty healthy vegan food from the cafe downstairs. You can come just for a meal since the restaurant itself is a good place to meet friendly, interesting and inspiring people.

nomad yoga hoi an

There’s a cafe & restaurant on the ground floor Nomad Yoga Hoi An where you can enjoy vegetarian food and detox juice.

>> Nomad Yoga – a reliable yoga in Hoi An.

Nomad Yoga Hoi An with great summer workshops

When your kids start their summer vacation, you can bring them to Nomad Yoga Hoi An to join special yoga workshops here.

Kids Eco-Wellness Summer Camp

This is the most famous children workshop at Nomad Yoga Hoi An. It will help kids release stress, express creativity, build self-love and deepen their connection with themselves, others and the world around them. Moreover, they will have a chance to enhance their love for nature by visiting the farm daily. Plus, they can learn how to work in a team via dynamic drama games. Kids can merge themselves in an English-speaking environment with those who share the same interest. With full-day activities from yoga to farm, your children will be able to increase their confidence, creativity as well as the love for each other and nature.

95-hour Kids Teacher Training

Attending 95-hour Kids Teacher Training Workshop, you will have an opportunity to be a yoga kids’ teacher with international recognition. They will provide you with the general background in kids yoga area. Includes the study and understanding of all childhood development stages, you will get knowledge of each age group and how to address the appropriate session for each of them.

200-hour Teacher Training

This is a monthly workshop of Nomad Yoga Hoi An offering a foundation to your career path as a yoga teacher. During this 4-week course, you will study daily about different types of yoga, how to organize a class and some basic teaching skills. They also know how to practice safely, teach safely and understand the connection of breath, movement, mind, and soul.

In addition, Nomad Yoga Hoi An also offers scholarships for Vietnamese locals attending this workshop. After getting certificates, those teachers will teach yoga to disabled Vietnamese kids at a local charity.


When you’re after a calm atmosphere to do a yoga retreat, most of you would quickly jump to places like Bali, Phuket. However, there’s also a growing yoga community in Hoi An, Nomad Yoga Hoi An for example, that extracts many attendances. So if you want a new peaceful holiday destination, you can add Hoi An to your bucket list.