Payment method in Vietnam - What is the most preferable method?
vietnam payment method

What is the popular payment method in Vietnam?

Vietnamese people prefer cash rather than card payment. However, there is also online payment method that can help you from thieves and pickpocketers.

Why do Vietnamese prefer cash payment method?

Vietnamese people usually stick with tradition. That is why there are so many international huge corporations that failed when entering into this market. It is a good chance for the local industry. However, it is a big barrier when the local government wants to change the habit to catch up with the high-tech lifestyle. It is the reason why it takes a very long time for the government to change the payment method of the local from cash to online payment.

cash is the main payment method in Vietnam

Most of the transactions in Vietnam still go with cash – Image: @floamg63.

Moreover, in Vietnam now, to register for an online payment account, it needs more than 8 steps. It takes users’ time and does not bring the convenience when they start transferring to online payment.

Additionally, the facilities for the online and mobile payment method in Vietnam is not good actually. If you visit a big city, it might be easy for you to pay by a card or mobile application. However, if you visit some rural places or countryside areas, you can only pay by cash.

Which online payment method are Vietnamese using?

Even though Vietnamese people still prefer cash rather than card or online payment, there are still non-cash methods that are using quite popular in the big cities.


Developed by VNG which is the biggest technology corporation in Vietnam, ZaloPay is a strong online payment application that allows people to use a smart method to pay online. Moreover, each user has a unique QR code that can be used directly to pay offline. Just scan, the transaction can be completed in seconds.

zalopay is the most popular payment application method in Vietnam

ZaloPay is the most popular payment application in Vietnam – Image: ZaloPay.

Additionally, people can use ZaloPay to pay for the electricity bill, water bill, internet bill, and so many other monthly payments for the government. People also can transfer money via ZaloPay as internet banking as well.


This is a payment application on a smartphone to help users to be more convenient. MoMo payment method links with banking account so that users can top-up to keep it active. Users can use the QR code to make a payment. Users also use MoMo to transfer money as convenient as other internet banking applications.

momo is also a popular payment method in Vietnam since it has so many promotions

Momo usually has promotion campaigns that attract users to install – Image: MoMo.


Viettelpay is a payment method which is provided by Viettel Telecom. This payment account links with many other banks. Thus, it brings a lot of convenience for users in payment. Moreover, the security and privacy of the application are also tight so that users do not need to be worried when using.

Viettelpay is a new payment method in Vietnam

Viettelpay connects with many local banks that helps users more convenient to use – Image: Viettelpay.


The most popular payment method in Vietnam is cash. It is better if you can prepare for it before coming to the country. However, there are still some local payment applications that you can use when being in Vietnam. Nonetheless, most of them require users to have at least a local banking account so that it can link to each other.