Overnight in Son Tra Peninsula is not allowed, tourists need card to visit
overnight in son tra peninsula will be not allowed from nov 5th 2019

Tourists might not be allowed to stay overnight in Son Tra Peninsula

Not long ago, the local government of Da Nang has announced that there will be no automatic motorbike ans scooter to Son Tra Peninsula. A few days ago, there has been news that might shock both tourists and the locals. As the new regulation, tourists might be not allowed to stay overnight in Son Tra Peninsula anymore.

Anyone goes to Son Tra Peninsula needs an access card

From Nov 15th, 2019, Son Tra Peninsula has open and close times. People only visit the peninsula from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM. anyone who goes to Son Tra Peninsula needs a card. There are two types of cards that are used for different purposes.

The first type is the yellow card. This one is for those who have special purposes to Son Tra Peninsula. They are rangers, photographers, scientists, and students who are allowed to do research on Son Tra Peninsula.

the road in son tra peninsula da nang

Everyone goes to Son Tra Peninsula needs a card from Nov 2019 – Image: Hoang Bui.

And this yellow card has effectiveness for a long time. However, they must be verified by the Son Tra Peninsula Management.

The green card is for tourists and other people who come to Son Tra Peninsula within a day. The latest time to give the card back is before 19h every day. It means, there would be no overnight in Son Tra Peninsula is allowed.

This is a testing regulation for the local government in improving peninsula management. It lasts from Nov 15th, 2019, to Feb 15th, 2020.

However, there are some areas that tourists still can visit without an access card

Even though most of the areas in Son Tra Peninsula are not allowed to visit without an access card, there are still other free areas.

Tourists can freely visit the route from Hoang Sa street to the Old Bayan Tree. The route from Yet Kieu to Ban Co Peak and Bai Bac is also free to visit. And the last free route is from Yet Kieu to Om Waterfall.

ban co peak is an interesting destination in son tra peninsula

There are some areas require card, some do not – Image: Blogdidulichdanang.

The rest areas would be the restriction. There will be ban signs around the restricted areas so that tourists can notice. The local government also sets up guard teams for different areas. When the time for visiting is almost up, they will remind tourists so that everyone can leave before the close time.