Online shopping mobile applications in Vietnam - Top 5 most reliable apps
online shopping in vietnam

Top 5 online shopping applications in Vietnam

Technology in Vietnam is developing strongly. There are more and more applications which help human life more convenient. Among hundreds of mobile applications, people seek for online shopping ones. Hereunder, we list top 5 shopping apps as users’ ranking.

Tiki – Online shopping application for everything you need

When mentioning about online shopping apps in Vietnam, Tiki might be in the first position as users’ ranking. There are thousands of product lines are available on the application. Moreover, these products mostly are authentic products. All the information of providers is public so that app’s users can check the reliable level of them before making a buying decision.

tiki is one of the top most reliable online shopping apps in vietnam

Tiki is the most popular place that Vietnamese come to find books and electric products – Image:

Additionally, there are so many promotions on the app. You can allow Tiki app to send notifications so that you can be noticed when a promotion is available. The most favorite product on Tiki app is the book. There are different types of books on the app. Most of the books are usually sold with promotions. Moreover, there are not only Vietnamese books but also English books that foreigners can buy.

Lazada – The #1 online shopping application for authentic products

When the Vietnamese look for some electronic products, the very first online shopping app that they think of is Lazada. The reason is that most of the electronic products on Lazada are authentic. Moreover, reliable providers will be verified by Lazada and have a badge on their account.

everytime the locals want to buy electronic or authentic products by online shopping, most of them choose lazada

Fast customers’ service and reliable products are the strongest point of Lazada – Image: Lazada.

Moreover, the shipping service of Lazada is usually quick and on time. Additionally, the customer service of this app provider is also nice and kind. Most of the users’ feedbacks are solved quickly and it makes consumers satisfied. Besides, Lazada usually offers consumers with many big promotions in a year where you can find the best deals with valuable products.

Shopee offers consumers with cheapest prices

If you are looking for good products at very cheap prices without caring about whether it is authentic or not, Shopee is your best choice. It is not only in Vietnam, but Shopee is also a favorite online shopping application in Southeast Asia.

shopee has a great marketing strategy that it becomes one of the most popular online shopping apps in southeast asia

Shopee usually has promotions with tons of benefits for consumers – Image: Shopee Vietnam.

With only one account, you can buy products even you are in Vietnam or Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines or Taiwan as well. Due to such a large market, Shopee provides consumers with thousands of authentic products which are cheap and reliable. Moreover, consumers can chat directly with the sellers to exchange more information and details of the products so that it helps to reduce risks when doing transactions.

Sendo – A Vietnamese online shopping application

This online shopping application is developed by a Vietnamese company. It connects with its own shipping system, thus consumers can track their orders’ status. Moreover, this application also offers consumers to search for products by voice and QR code. It brings more convenient so that even though it is a new application but there is a big number of users on the app.

sendo is an online shopping app developed by FPT

Sendo is a local online shopping app with many flash sale campaigns – Image:

There are thousands of different types of product on Sendo. Consumers can find for either clothes, electronic products, beauty, or house stuff, vehicles as well. Moreover, you can find not only new products but also second-hand ones. Additionally, there are many promotion campaigns in a year that brings more benefits to consumers.

Chotot – The world of second-hand products

Chotot is an online shopping application which is the connection among consumers and sellers. Most of the products on this app are the old one that people want to transfer, and a big number of products are made by sellers themselves. Especially, you can even find news of houses, apartments, and land for sale and for lease on Chotot.

chotot is a connection among consumers and sellers with thousands of online shopping for second-hand products

Chotot is the place where consumers can be easy to find second-hand products – Image: Chotot.

Moreover, consumers can choose to look for the desired products in a certain radian so that it can be more convenient for them to come and buy or even to ship. Besides, consumers can contact sellers by email, message on the app, or direct call as well. It brings so much convenient for both consumers and sellers to make the transactions simpler.


Although the wet market is very popular and the main place for trading transactions in Vietnam. There are online shopping applications that make local life easier and more convenient. In order to have a good and safe transaction, make sure that you check all the information carefully including product details and seller information.