Son Tra Peninsula government restricts automatic motorbike in Oct 2019
there is no automatic motorbike to son tra peninsula from oct 2019

No automatic motorbike to Son Tra Peninsula from Oct 2019

There have been too many accidents caused by automatic motorbike in Son Tra Peninsula this time. The city government has just announced that there will be some restricted areas for the automatic motorbike to the peninsula from Oct 2019. Other manual motorbikes still can ride in the Son Tra Peninsula.

It is not all the parts of the peninsula do not allow automatic motorbike. There are some restriction parts. The government has guided related departments to put some signs in the restricted areas so that visitors can keep themselves safe.

son tra peninsula does not allow automatic motorbike from oct 2019

The beautiful road in Son Tra – Image: Panagiotis Papadopoulos.

There are 3 restriction areas for the automatic motorbike

The first part that the government restricts automatic motorbike in the peninsula is from the intersection of Hoang Sa street to the ancient banyan tree.

One of the most famous destinations in Son Tra Peninsula is Ban Co Peak. If you go to Ban Co Peak to follow the direction of Yet Kieu street, there will be a part of this road that restricts automatic motorbike. It is from DRT Broadcast Station to Ban Co Peak. Manual motorbikes still can go on this route. However, from Ban Co Peak to Bai Bac, it would change into a one-way road. It is because of the narrow road with a dangerous slope.

son tra peninsula will restrict some parts from automatic motorbike

There are so many dangerous slopes – Image: Khoa Nguyen Dang.

Another part that not allow automatic motorbike is the road from Yet Kieu street to Om Waterfall (Suoi Om). This road is not in the direction from Yet Kieu to Ban Co Peak. However, it is an interesting destination for those who want to enjoy the peaceful scenery and cool water in the lake which is from the waterfall.

The city government is planning to have some bus routes in Son Tra Peninsula

For long-term development, the city government is planning to have bus routes for tourists to visit the peninsula. This would start testing from Oct 2019 to collect visitors’ feedback. Meanwhile, the government will evaluate the efficiency of this solution.

the best adventure motorcycle to son tra peninsula

The road on the peninsula is quire dangerous for automatic motorbike – Image: Rian Tran.

Additionally, the city government also upgrading the roads in Son Tra Peninsula to guarantee visitors’ safety. Traffic cameras, traffic convex mirrors, street corridors will start implementing from Oct 2019.