A newly built Danang house for rent to experience a peaceful living space
Danang house for rent Phan Tu Street living room 2

A newly built Danang house for rent to experience a peaceful living space

Danang is not only an attractive destination for tourists to spend a few days but also an ideal spot to have a long term life. In case you move here with your children or your pets, renting a house is a good option. Here is a recommendation for you with a 3-floor cozy Danang house for rent full of new furniture.

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street livingroom

A modern Danang house for rent located at Phan Tu street – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Only 5 minutes of walking to My Khe Beach from this Danang house for rent

Located at Phan Tu street, this Danang house for rent is a great choice for any travelers and expats. Phan Tu street is famous for cheap and delicious street food. When living here, you don’t need to ask yourself what to eat every day, as you know, the big question of daily living. Just a few steps from the property, you can easily reach many eateries with a diversified menu of Vietnam traditional cuisines.

In case you want to cook a warm meal, it takes only 12 minutes to walk to the Bac My An market. The market is popular with locals for fresh food and cheap goods. Moreover, other utilities like school, pharmacy, mini-mart, pub, church, etc are just within a radius of 200 meters from this Danang house for rent.

Danang house for rent near My Khe beach

Just 5 minutes of walking to My Khe beach from the property – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Particularly, just 5 minutes going on foot and you can see the amazingly wonderful My Khe beach. With blue water and poetic scene, this beach is a hot spot for any tourists when visiting Danang. For a healthy life, you can go swimming or have a jog on the beach. It’s a good way to enjoy the marvelous early morning in Danang.

Danang house for rent in modern design with stylish interiors

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street green space

The house has many greenish spaces – Photo: Lodyhelp.

With an area of 200 square meters in use, the property sure offers a large living space. This Danang house for rent has 4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and 4 bathrooms. Especially, the house gives many green spaces so you can decorate them with greenish or hanging plants. It also helps the house get more natural feeling and fresh air.

Overall, it’s newly built so all furniture is in the new and modern state. That’s why you can feel the cleanliness when staying. Also, most wooden furniture brings luxury and cozy ambiance.

Modern fully-furnished living room

Danang house for rent Phan Tu Street living room 2

The elegant living room – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Once entering the house, it’s the living room before your eyes. The living room is quite large with a leather sofa, a satellite TV, a speaker, the wooden table and shelf. With bright floor and furniture, the living room looks deluxe and delightful. It has a glass door to separate the room with the front yard. Thanks to this, the living room looks more spacious. If the sun causes a dazzling feeling, the curtain will be a savior for you.

Cozy kitchen with a small bar

Danang house for rent Phan Tu Street kitchen

The kitchen is furnished with new utensils – Photo: Lodyhelp.

Just a few steps from the living room, you can reach the kitchen. It has full utensils like a kitchen hood, microwave, stove, fridge, and so on. Therefore, all you need is just pack up and move to the house right away.

The wooden cabinet and dining table make the room cozy. You’ll feel welcoming when in the kitchen imaging many warm cooked good meals. Besides, it has a small shelf to place wine bottles and cups. The cabinet combines a kitchen and a little bar so it helps to save space. Due to the new and modern amenities, the kitchen is neat and tidy. Between the living room and the kitchen is a glass stair. Thanks to the design, the house is stylish and elegant.

Deluxe and warm bedrooms

Danang house for rent cozy bedroom

An en suite bedroom with wooden furniture – Photo: Lodyhelp.

All the bedrooms have basic furniture like a bed, wardrobe, dressing table, etc. Bedrooms are tiled with a wooden floor so the rooms have a warm tone. Furthermore, there are two rooms with balconies. Hence, you can enjoy the air and the street view from here. The balconies also help the room airy. There is an en suite room among 4 bedrooms so it’s convenient and private for who live here, especially a couple.

A bathtub is all you’re looking for!

For who loves soaking in a bathtub, you can’t miss out this Danang house for rent. There is a bathroom with a bathtub as well.

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street bathroom

A bathtub is a dream with many expats – Photo: Lodyhelp.

All bathrooms have a small window above so it has no odor after using. Besides, the house also offers a wide space for hanging and drying clothes on the terrace.

In case you’re a Vietnamese, there is a small room for the worship as well. This structure is popular in traditional Vietnam house and a kind of religion of Vietnamese people. As a foreigner, you can use the room for another purpose like a storage room or an entertainment space.

The large front yard offers more space

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street frontyard

The large front yard is enough for parking a car – Photo: Lodyhelp.

In addition, the front yard is large enough to park a car. Moreover, it can be decorated into the lovely garden with hanging trees along the sidewalls. The yard is tiled with stone and has a water tap for watering the plants.

For an interesting weekend, you can plan for a BBQ with friends in the yard. This Danang house for rent gives you privacy and space to live your life in your style.

Pet allowance

Danang house for rent Phan Tu street frontyard 2

You can decorate the front yard into a lovely garden – Photo: Lodyhelp.

One big bonus for this Danang house for rent is that pets are allowed. Having a lovely pet besides will help your life happier. As a newbie in the town, make friend with a cute pet is not a bad choice as well. Hence, it’s really a great thing to live and enjoy Danang every day with your pets.

In conclusion

For more details about this property, please read more at 3 stories cozy house for rent in Danang near My Khe Beach.

With a large area and full trendy furniture, this Danang house for rent is welcoming you. If you’re looking for a cozy home to start a new life in this charming coastal city, don’t miss this great house!