Nam O beach - The wild beauty of Da Nang nature
the mossy reef makes a unique beauty of nam o beach

Nam O beach – The wild beauty of Da Nang nature

If you get bored of crowded beaches even though it is stunning, it is time you should find some new and wild beaches. Nam O beach in the northwest Da Nang is exactly where you should come to enjoy the wild and peaceful vibe.

Where is Nam O beach located?

While My Khe, Pham Van Dong or Non Nuoc beach is located east of the city, Nam O beach is quite far from there. It is located north-west of Da Nang. From the city center, you can drive 17 kilometers along Nguyen Tat Thanh street. When you reach a fishermen village, come across that area, you will see wildly amazing scenery. Moreover, this beach is right at the foot of Truong Son mountain. From here, you can see the amazing Hai Van pass when looking to the north and an infinite ocean on the east.

overview of the nam o beach from the road

The beach looks from the road is so peaceful – phamhavi249

Nam O beach is a wild and peaceful area where there is a large field of the reef. It is a part of Da Nang Bay which is contiguous to the East Sea. There are two small fields which are Ran Ca and Ran Con. Ran Ca is the main part with more interesting things to do than Ran Con. They place parallel to each other in the same place. You can walk from this part to another one.

When to go to Nam O beach?

The most attractive scene of Nam O beach is the moss covers the reef fields. However, it is not that all the time in a year you can see this amazing scene. Especially, from March to August, there are so many pieces of moss cover the reef. It makes amazing scenery that will make you fall in love at first sight.

early morning in Nam O beach

Early morning from the beach – Image: @marshall.pham.

However, if you unluckily visit Da Nang in other time in a year, do not worry! The reef fields in Nam O beach without moss are still wonderful. It has a simple and wild beauty that other famous beaches in Da Nang do not have.

The amazing green moss fields

From March to August, there is a lot of sunshine in Da Nang city as well as the south-central region. Moreover, tide fluctuates every day. It makes a good condition for moss to cover the reef. However, it is quite dangerous when you walk on the reef full of moss since moss makes it slippy.

When there is no moss, Nam O beach is still beautiful with the raw reef fields. Especially, when the tide is low, the exposed reef is more visible. A wild scenery of a peaceful beach is full of your eyesight.

the mossy season in Nam O beach makes people fall in love at first sight

The amazing mossy scenery – Image: @m43studio_dn.

Despite the peaceful beauty, there is a very lively life under the water. This less-known beach is famous with the beautiful coral reef. Thus, snorkeling could help you explore the wild and wonderful beauty under the water. Furthermore, there is a variety of sea creatures in this beach. Hence, it is worthy for you to dip under the water to see these amazing scenery.

However, it is better to be careful when visiting Nam O beach since there are some rip currents that if you do not know the position, it might threat your live. Moreover, the reef could damage if you do not watch out your steps.