My Khe Beach - One of the most attractive beaches on planet
the stunning my khe beach in da nang

My Khe Beach Danang

Danang is a coastal city with more than 30 kilometers of coastline. It has many beautiful seashores such as Nam O, Xuan Thieu, Tien Sa, Bac My An, etc. Among those beaches crowded with locals and travelers, My Khe Beach is the most popular. Located just 5 kilometers away from the city center, My Khe Beach is one of top six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes.

the attractive my khe beach danang

My Khe Beach is an ideal place for you to lie down and tan your skin.

The glorious beauty of My Khe Beach

This beach is famous for its picturesque landscape of white sand, clear water, and blue sky. The highlight of this backdrop is the green coconut trees along the seaside. You will soak into a peaceful, natural, relaxing atmosphere. That’s why Forbes Magazine has listed My Khe Beach as “one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet”. In addition, it was also commended as one of 10 most popular beaches in Asia by the Sunday Herald Sun of Australia.

my khe beach is a popular beach in danang

The row of coconut at My Khe Beach – Image:

With the lack of large wave almost all year, this beach is a safe place for your family including kids at any time of the year. With with sandy beach and turquoise water, what more could you ask for? You can grab a mug of beer or a glass of cocktail and lie on the sandy “mattress” to tan your skin. The stunning sands offer you, a sun-seeker, a gloriously an ideal place to lie down and enjoy the sunny weekend. What’s more, September is the most suitable time for you to go surfing or experience extreme sports at My Khe Beach.

try extreme sports at my khe beach

You will have a chance to try extreme sports at this glorious beach – Image:

My Khe Beach with a perfect location for your great treatment

It takes a taxi only 15 minutes from Danang center to My Khe Beach. You don’t need to worry if you leave your swimming suit or surfing gear at home since you can find them available in shops near the sea. Or else, the locals offer you the rental service in case you don’t want to spend too much money for a gear that you don’t want to bring home.

observe the sunrise on my khe beach

The breath-taking sunrise on My Khe Beach – Image: Shutterlock/@Paulo M.F.Pires.

Additionally, alongside the stretch of white sand are luxurious hotels and high-class beachfront resorts. Hence, you can release stress just by lying on the bed and enjoy the magnificent sunrise over the window. There are also a number of high-end resorts within the surrounded area offering a wide range of spa treatments and dining options. Besides, there are local seafood restaurants dotted along the beach for the ultimate chill vibes.

hotels near my khe beach

The luxury hotel with a sea view – Image:

Moreover, it benefits from the perfect location near the World Heritage sites – Hoi An ancient town or the mysterious Non-Nuoc.

the luxurious hotels along my khe beach

The luxurious hotels along the seaside- Image:


The quality of My Khe Beach is amazing itself but the surrounding atmosphere and charming accommodation are what attracts tourists the most. Have you ever been to My Khe Beach? Or do you have any other beach destinations which you love and want to recommend? Let us know in the comment below!