Hoi An restaurant satisfies your craving of local food
hoi an restaurant

Must-eat Hoi An restaurant satisfy your local food craving

Food in Hoi An is not only dishes for tourists to try but also a culture that has gone with the local for thousands of years. To feel the full savors, tourists need to know which Hoi An restaurant serves food with the truest local taste. Hereunder, we show you 5 must-eat local restaurants in Hoi An that can bring the most interesting and worthiest experiences.

hoi an restaurant

Where to find the authentic taste of local food in Hoi An?

Banh Dap so 9 restaurant – A Hoi An restaurant for Hen Xao and Banh Dap

Coming to Hoi An, tourists should not miss out some local street foods which are the significances of the ancient town. Banh Dap and Hen Xao are two of the most famous ones.

Hen Xao is a dish of small clams mixed with fried onion and fresh scallion. The locals usually use crunchy rice paper as a spoon to eat Hen Xao. Moreover, if you can eat spicily, a few chili sauces will make it tastier.

Banh Dap is a type of rice paper snack. Two thin pieces of crunchy rice paper cover a piece of fresh rice paper. The most special thing makes the fame of this dish is its sauce. Dipping a piece of Banh Dap into a small bowl of fermented fish sauce will wake all your sense up.

hoi an restaurant

Located on the riverside, this place does not only provide the great taste of local food but also a peaceful view to enjoy – Image: @Umi_eattolive.

Banh Dap so 9 is a Hoi An restaurant which belongs to a family. However, it is quite large on the riverside. To come here, tourists need to go to Cam Nam first. After crossing the bridge, keeping going straight until the end of the road. Your destination is there. Having a short time to enjoy the local taste and let your mind be free in the cool wind from the river will be an awesome experience in your Hoi An trip.

Banh Beo Auntie Bay – A great eating spot but not a Hoi An restaurant

Banh Beo is a specialty of the central area which includes Da Nang, Hue, and Hoi An. However, in each place, the taste is different. Therefore, do not think that you have tried Banh Beo in other places so there is no need to try once more time in Hoi An.

Banh Beo is a type of rice cake. In Hoi An, it is put in the small bowls. Banh Beo includes three parts which are rice cake, core, and sauce. The rice cake is steamed to keep the rice savor and sweet. They make the core separately then add into the bowl later when serving you. The sauce is fish sauce but a little sweeter and waterier.

hoi an restaurant

Just a small stall but Banh Beo Auntie Bay is so famous – Image: @Hieu.ricky.

The most famous Banh Beo stall in the ancient town is not in a Hoi An restaurant. In contrast, it is a small stall of Auntie Bay on Hoang Van Thu street. She only sells in the afternoon. Moreover, it usually runs out early. Therefore, if you want to try this, make sure to come around 3 PM to 4:30 PM.

White Rose Hoi An restaurant

The white rose cake is a very famous specialty of the ancient town. Moreover, it is not that all the restaurant can provide the true taste of the white rose cake. White Rose Hoi An restaurant is the most famous destination for those who love the white rose or want to try this kind of cake. Tourists come here not only for trying white rose cake taste but also for the experience of making a white rose cake. The chef and staffs here are so friendly. They will show you how to make a cake. Moreover, they only start to steam when you order. Thus, you even can try the ones that you have just made.

hoi an restaurant

White rose restaurant at Hai Ba Trung street will give tourists a great experience – Image: @Forksinthepath.

Ong Hai – Quang Noodles and Cao Lau Hoi An restaurant

This is not only a Hoi An restaurant with great food but also a cheap price one. It is a favorite eating spot of so many foreigners when living in the ancient town. The atmosphere is so comfortable with friendly staffs and chef. This is a type of family restaurant. Thus, it is small but cozy.

hoi an restaurant

Ong Hai restaurant is a local restaurant that becomes the favorite place for so many foreigners living here.

There are two main dishes in this restaurant. They are My Quang (Quang noodles) and Cao Lau. The chef is a local people. Hence, the dishes have the authentic taste and savor. Additionally, it locates in the ancient town, near Hoi An market. Therefore, it is convenient for you to set it as your schedule to explore the old town.

Bale Well – A Hoi An restaurant for grilled pork and Banh Xeo

Located in a small alley in the ancient town, this is a Hoi An restaurant of grilled pork and Banh Xeo. These two are the must-try dishes when you come to visit Hoi An. Normally, you can find them on the stalls along the street. Some find in Hoi An market. However, in order to taste the true taste of grilled pork and Banh Xeo Hoi An, it is better to come to the local restaurants. Among them, Bale Well is known as the best one.

hoi an restaurant

Bale Well is a good place to try Banh Xeo and grilled pork – Image: @Daeunii____

It does not need to order for food here. When you come and sit down, the staffs will provide you with a set of Banh Xeo and grilled pork without any questions of your order. That is their only set of food to provide to customers. Besides, there are not many different kinds of food here. However, if you want to order more, you still can. One thing that you should notice when coming here is that they only serve customers with sets. And one customer must count for one set at least. Therefore, make sure that you can eat it up before coming.