Mu Cang Chai - The paraidise of rice terrace field in Sept - Oct
mu cang chai rice terrace

Mu Cang Chai – A majestic paradise in October

Ripe rice season is the best time for travelers to visit Mu Cang Chai. Its beauty in this time is peaceful but majestic. September and October are the best time of the year to come to Mu Cang Chai and see the amazing beauty of the mountain land of Vietnam, northwest area.

Where is Mu Cang Chai?

Mu Cang Chai is a rural district of Yen Bai province. It is located in the northwest area which is known as one of the most imposing places with majestic beauty of nature in Vietnam. Moreover, this district places right at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. This mountain range is the last part of Himalaya. It is 300 kilometers away from Hanoi.

mu cang chai in the early morning

The amazing rice terrace in Tu Le field – Image: Zero Seven.

How to get to Mu Cang Chai?

To go to Mu Cang Chai, you need to across Khau Pha pass which is one of the four most dangerous passes in the northwest. There are different options for you to come to here. You can choose to go by motorbike or by bus.

If you choose to go by bus, you should have a reservation in case the bus is full. Most of the buses from Hanoi to Mu Cang Chai depart from My Dinh bus station.

mu cang chai in the sunrise scene

Early morning in Tu Le rice terrace – Image: Zero Seven.

If you love adventure, driving a motorbike to Mu Cang Chai will be an interesting experience. The road through the northwest provinces of Vietnam is amazing. It is one of the most challenging road for travelers around the world. You will have the chance to conquer it.

The majestic ripe rice terrace field

Tu Le is the most beautiful rice terrace field in Mu Cang Chai. It is located in a valley that makes beauty more impressive. As travelers’ reviews, the best experience when visiting the Tu Le rice terrace field is watching the sunrise and hunting clouds. Hunting cloud is a famous activity for those who explore the northwest area in Vietnam.

an overview of mu cang chai

Early morning in Tu Le rice terrace – Image: Hoach Le Dinh.

The most perfect time for catching the sunrise will be from 7-9 AM. It is when the sky is clear that you can see a full sunrise scene. Moreover, it is also a good condition for you to hunt clouds. After this time, the sun still shines but the sky is not clear anymore. Thus, it makes your photos not as good as the ones which are took earlier.

A tip for you if you want to catch the sunrise in Mu Cang Chai is that you should stay at Tu Le ward. Or you also can ride 7 km further to Khau Pha pass. There are many hostels there for you to stay at night. From here, it takes you around 15 minutes to reach the Tu Le rice terrace field.

Remember to not drive at night since it is absolutely not safe. There is usually thick fog in this time. And the road is so dangerous as the reviews of so many travelers.

What else to do in Mu Cang Chai?

Conquer one of the four most dangerous mountain roads in Vietnam

the road to mu cang chai

Mountain race in Khau Pha pass – Image: Ngoc Tang.

Khau Pha pass is on the way to the Tu Le rice terrace field. It is also one of the four most dangerous mountain roads in the northwestern. Its length is 40 kilometer and also is the longest mountain road in the northern. Besides the wonderful feeling of conquering a dangerous road, the scenery here will knock you out. It is an amazing and imposing scene that you cannot see anywhere else in Vietnam. The mountains seem to last until the horizon. And the clouds make the scene like a mysterious paradise.

A paradise of ethnic minority communities’ foods

Tu Le rice sticker is one of the most famous traditional food of the ethnic minority communities’ food in Mu Cang Chai. The smell of rice sticker in this area is special that you cannot find anywhere else. Moreover, it goes with a legend story of the community here, related to the belief of them to God.

mu cang chai rice field

The imposing rice terrace – Image: Sasin Tipchai.

Green rice flake is another must-try food in Tu Le ward. It is a special food due to the way the locals make it. Moreover, there is only rice from Tu Le can make this taste of green rice flakes.

Fried grasshopper is another specialty of Mu Cang Chai that you should not miss out. However, be noticed that the grasshopper season is from May to September. Thus, if you try this dish this time, the price might be a bit higher than normal.

mu cang chai rice field

Peaceful scenery at Tu Le ward – Image: Zero Seven.

There is another dish from Tu Le ward that you should try is salty fried crabs. The locals hunt for crabs in the streams which are located in the Tu Le area. Thus, they have a naturally sweet taste that others do not have.


There is a notice for you when traveling to Mu Cang Chai by motorbike is that do not try to ride in the dark. The road is very dangerous since it is one of the four most dangerous mountain roads in the northwestern.