Elite Fitness Da Nang - The best fitness center in Da Nang city

Maintain a beautiful body shape at Elite Fitness Da Nang

Fitness changes the lifestyle of so many people. It does not only impact on your body shape but also your mental life. However, it is necessary to choose the right fitness to exercise since a wrong step in a workout can cause the worst result. So what fitness center in Da Nang that you should come for a workout? The answer would be Elite Fitness Da Nang.

About Elite Fitness Da Nang

Elite Fitness was found in 2010. It has proved the fame day by day with its quality and profession. Today, Elite Fitness appears in 5 provinces and cities with 16 clubs. Elite Fitness Da Nang is one of the biggest clubs in this system.

At Elite Fitness, goals of all club’s members are actualized with the support and guide from brilliant experts. You can come here for any goals as weight-loss, body shape improvement, muscle improvement, strength improvement. Moreover, this is also a good place for you to recover the sports injury. Or else, if you have any problem with your health that needs to practice, Elite Fitness is also a great place.

elite fitness da nang

A modern and luxurious space for the workout.

Elite Fitness Da Nang is so proud to bring their customers a professional and luxurious workout environment. Moreover, the equipment in this club is modern and up-to-date. Therefore, you will have the best conditions to reach your workout goals. Additionally, the club in Da Nang has a professional and skilled trainer team. They help to keep you in the right direction to the goals. Moreover, the trainer team is also the one who helps you to balance the diet and exercise so that your workout will have the best effect.

Elite Fitness Da Nang has diversified classes with different sports

With the modern facilities and the skilled, experienced trainers, Elite Fitness Da Nang provides the club’s members with different and diversified classes. Each of them helps you to reach a specific goal. Together, you will maintain a beautiful body shape and keep good health.


This is a special yoga class in the Elite Fitness Da Nang. There are one trainee and one trainer in a class. Therefore, every exercise will be adjusted so that it is suitable for your health conditions. Yoga class does not only help to improve yoga skills and knowledge but also overcomes personal psychological problems.

elite fitness da nang

Yoga 1:1 or with a group of members helps you to balance your life and mind.

Yoga is suitable for everyone. It can be a newbie or a person who has practiced yoga for years. Yoga class brings so many conveniences for you during the journey. You will have a flexible schedule and do not need to worry about missing any class. Moreover, this class has a clarified schedule and journey. You are able to evaluate your effectiveness after a time practicing with your trainer base on this schedule. Additionally, personal trainers that Elite Fitness Da Nang have great skills with international certificates. Besides, Elite Fitness Da Nang also offers with Yoga class in which there are more than one student and trainer practicing together.

Elite Swim

Elite Swim is a swimming course which is standardized internationally. There are different schedules which are suitable for different needs of the members. It depends on the different health conditions that the trainers will implement different schedules. Moreover, your trainer will follow you to adjust for the best result. This class is suitable for everyone. It is better for those who are in trouble with osteoarthritis. Moreover, this class also works with weight-loss and maintain body shape.

Elite Martial Art is the unique exercise in Elite Fitness Da Nang

Elite Martial Art (or EMA) is the unique workout program of Elite Fitness Da Nang and other Elite clubs in Vietnam. This class is inspired by the famous martial arts such as boxing, kick boxing, muay Thai or MMA, EMA combines the most essence of them to give you the best exercise. EMA helps you to control your personal confidence and strength. It makes you feel like you are a champion inside a great body shape.

elite fitness da nang

Martial Art is the unique exercise which is only available in Elite Fitness.

EMA helps to burn a big number of calories. Moreover, your body and muscle become stronger and harder after practicing EMA. Additionally, it teaches you to protect yourself from the attacks. And EMA also helps to decrease the pressure and increase your happy feeling.


With the slogan “Bring people together to sweat it on”, Zumba in Elite Fitness Da Nang is an interesting class. Coming here, you will have the chance to feel the music and workout effectively to burn calories. Moreover, it has a good impact on your cardiovascular system. Additionally, Zumba exercise also helps to blow sorrow away and enjoy life.

Zumba lasts for 55 minutes each turn. You can choose a suitable intensity for your health conditions.

Aqua Hiit

elite fitness da nang

Take advantage of the water, Aqua Hiit helps to burn calories with a high intensitive.

This is an aerobics class in Elite Fitness Da Nang. This exercise has a high intensity to burn a lot of calories and brings a fast effect. Aqua Hiit has an impact on the whole body. It does not only help to lose weight but also increases the strength of internal organs. Aqua Hiit uses the barrage of water to affect on the osteoarthritis. Therefore, this is an ideal exercise for those who get the injury, pregnant women and the old.

Aqua Hiit class lasts for 55 minutes for each turn. It can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Hence, it helps to reduce fat doubly compare to other exercises such as swimming.

Pound Rockout

Pound Rockout is a way to burn fat for the whole body. You will be taught to use the drumsticks and feel with the music. Your whole body movements in the music will have an impact on the whole body. Moreover, it also combines with the exercises your lower body parts. It includes squats, lunges, jumps, twists, and so on. Hence, your workout will have a great impact on the body and help to maintain perfect body shape. Pound Rockout lasts for 55 minutes each turn. It can burn 600 calories per hour.

Besides, there are so many other classes that help you to reach your goals fast. They include 10:10:10, 20:20:20, E-cycling, Hi-Aerobic, and so on.