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Luxury apartment for rent

Minh’s apartment – A luxury apartment for rent for a better trip to Danang

You are going to have a trip to Danang city?

And looking for a breezy apartment?

A fresh and cool one?

This 1 bedroom luxury apartment for rent in Danang will give you the most relaxing moments for a better Danang trip! It is designed luxuriously and openly so that the apartment is lightened naturally.

Luxury apartment for rentOverview of the luxury apartment for rent:

Usable area: 40m2

Price: 450$

No. bedroom: 1

Furniture: Fully furnished

Location: To Hien Thanh Street, Son Tra district, Danang city.

An elegant living room of the luxury apartment for rent

The first impression when entering into luxury apartment for rent must be the meticulous arrangement of interiors. It does not only match with the feng shui of the Asian opinion but also is artful design.

living room

The living room of the luxury apartment for rent in Danang is arranged meticulously and artfully.

The living room is breezy and bright with a big glass window. The way of choosing the curtain so that it matches with the mainstream colour of the apartment shows that the owner has a good artist mindset. There is a big long salon chair which is next to the window. Therefore, you can use this space to relax every day with the natural sunshine. Laying down here to watch a film, read a favourite book or even just do nothing is enough for a soft trip to Danang. Furthermore, after a long day exploring the beautiful Danang, if you do not want to sleep immediately, this will be a good place for you to take a short rest.

There is also a small set of table in the living room. It is next to the long salon chair. Together, it creates a harmonious space of this luxury apartment for rent. You can have a small talk, chat with your friends in this space. Have a cup of tea here and watch the sun is rising through the big window is not a bad idea.

A breezy bedroom in the luxury apartment for rent

From the living room, you can see the view of the breezy bedroom. The bedroom space is separated from the living room by a floor-to-ceiling glass wall. Therefore, besides the light from the glass window in the living room, this apartment for rent also is bright by the light through the bedroom. There is a double bed in the sleeping space. It is next to a floor-to-ceiling glass window which opens to a nice view of the town. The interiors in this space are made mostly with wood. Thus, it creates a luxury space so that you can be more comfortable for better sleep.

1 bedroom

The breezy and airy bedroom of the luxury apartment for rent

There is a large wardrobe in the apartment which is combined with a table. It makes a private space in the apartment so that you have more options for working space. They are made from wood which makes the bedroom look warm and cozy.

The curtain, the wood of bed and even the wood of the wardrobe and table are in the same tone of color. It indicates the meticulous and delicate arrangement of the studio apartment.

There is an air-conditioner in the bedroom. It is separate from the one in the living room. It gives you more convenient and even saves money by using separately.

A full utensils kitchen in the luxury apartment for rent

Still keeping the main style design of the luxury apartment for rent, the kitchen is made mostly from wood. Using the dark tone of colors, the kitchen brings a coziness and warmness. Two big wooden cabinets in the kitchen make a large space for you to put utensils inside so that the kitchen looks larger. There are an electric stove, a microwave and other kitchen stuff. Everything in the kitchen is ready for you to move in. Therefore, this is a good studio apartment that you should not miss for a better trip to Danang.

luxury apartment for rent

The full utensils kitchen of the luxury apartment for rent

There is a big size fridge in the kitchen too. Thus, you will feel free to reserve food for your trip. This space is separated from the living room and the bedroom. Therefore, even when you cook, the whole apartment is still in a fresh air. The kitchen space is large enough, hence it is either convenient or comfortable for you to cook and prepare tasty disks for your trip.

A breezy balcony in the luxury apartment for rent

There is a balcony in this luxury apartment that opens to a breezy airy space. From here you can have an overview of the developing city, watching the sparkling night city. This space is large enough for you to spend time relaxing here. Having a cup of beer with new local friends and enjoy the beauty of the night city is not a bad idea for a memorable trip to Danang.

luxury apartment for rent

The airy and nice view balcony of the luxury apartment for rent

A luxury apartment for rent with a convenient location to explore the local

This luxury apartment is located on To Hien Thanh street. It is a quiet area which is on the way to go to Hoi An ancient town. Therefore, by staying here, it is more convenient for you to either discover Danang beauty or explore the ancient beauty of Hoi An town.

Furthermore, this location is near My Khe beach which is one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet. It takes you around 10 minutes walking to the beach. Thus, choosing this studio apartment for your Danang trip will not make you disappointed. Spending time walking on the beach every morning and evening to be a local. It will be a priceless experience of your trip. In the summer, there are a variety of water sports on My Khe beach. There are surfing, canoeing, parachute flying activities and so on.

Another additional advantage of near the beach location is the fresh seafood. There are so many restaurants in this area which provide fresh and clean seafood. There is a wide price range in this area. You can be easy to find a normal restaurant provide fresh seafood at a cheap price. You can also see so many luxury seafood restaurants. That is the reason why people call it a paradise of seafood.

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