Stay in shape with the local workout buddy: Benefits of traveling workout
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Stay in shape with the local workout buddy: Benefits of traveling workout

When you start traveling, absolutely nothing is familiar and the slightest speed bump can be enough to screw things up. All of your habits could easily be thrown out the window. Not surprisingly, your fitness progress would either stall completely or backpedal during these trips. If you don’t want to spend couples of weeks after returning trying to get back into a rhythm, you should find a local workout buddy take you to the gym now!

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Find a local buddy to get shape while traveling. – Source: Shutterstock

Get rid of jetlag with a local workout buddy

If you’re used to a good night’s sleep, then you will suddenly sleep at odd hours in different time zones. Scientists have talked a lot about how sleep deprivation affects your body, and I’m sure you don’t wanna face this problem on your wonderful trips. So to get rid of it, you can find a local workout buddy and go to the gym with him. By strengthening circadian rhythms, exercising can help keep you bright-eyed during the day and promote better sleep at night.

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Thanks to your local workout buddy, there will be no more exhausted morning!

Moreover, bodybuilding helps to erase all stress and discomfort after a long day. It’s simply because at this time you have to concentrate on the dumbbells, sometimes you even have to shout to lift weights. After that, your mind and soul would be too tired to think of any bad thing else. All they are craving for is a healthy snack and a sound sleep. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, being cheery in the morning and ready to face the day is really important.

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You gonna soundly sleep after doing exercises!

Have a local workout buddy help you control your weight

If you used to prepare your own meals, when traveling you will suddenly lack a kitchen or fridge. Additionally, being miles away from home makes it difficult for you to go shopping for the ingredient not available there. Plus, when on new land, you could be ready to enjoy the new culinary as much as possible. That’s why you need a friend not only guide you to the new cuisine but also be your local workout buddy to help you get fit once again.

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It’s hard for you to make delicious healthy food when being abroad. – Source:


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We all know a vacation is a time for over-indulging yourself then coming home feeling about 5kg heavier! However, when being overseas, it would be fewer pressures and more free time. Why not take full advantage and get fit with your local workout buddy so you can go home feeling refreshed? It’s time to learn how to keep your health in check while on the go. What’s more, being in a reasonable mode will help your body firm, boots the energy, burn the fat and improve your health. Can you find any other way brings you more amazing effects? So please don’t consider traveling as a fitness process ruiner. Recent studies show that you can take a week off from your fitness regimen without significant damage to your routine. But if you can keep up the physical activities, you’ll feel better and perform greater during your trip.

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Find a local workout buddy to have a happier trip

Could the key to being more productive and happier at work lie in exercise? Yes, it probably could. Another benefit of exercise with your local workout buddy is that it will lift your mood up, decrease feelings of depression, and anxiety. It is because exercise can increase the production of some kinds of hormones which relieve feelings of depression and pain. A study compared employees on the days they work out before work and the days they don’t. The result is that on days of workout, those employees feel happier, more productive and less stress than days when they skip. Not only that, but they also performed better on exercise days. So the next time you force yourself to get into workout mode, you’ll likely feel more energized throughout the rest of the day. And more energy equals greater happiness.

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Open your network while in the health club with your local workout buddy

Sometimes you find it hard to get along with your co-workers or your neighbors due to the culture difference. The gym is by no means the solution to this problem. In fact, it’s definitely not the prettiest place to make a friend, especially when you’re raining sweat. But it’s where you have at least one thing in common with the people around you. So the gym is one of the most suitable places to look for a local workout buddy who company with you every day. They can motivate you and spot you on the bench. Sometimes, it’s not only about the exercises and weights. Thanks to that mate, you may get your own workout squad. I swear, it’s gonna be as fun as hanging out with your boys from the colleges.

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Sharing one common thing with your local workout buddy at the gym to expand the relationship. – Source: PlanetFitness

Ways to workout while traveling with a local workout buddy

If your hotel has a gym, you’re golden. You can make use of the treadmill, elliptical, or stair machine to get your body sweating. Most hotel gyms, however, are there to fulfill a list of amenities more than to actually be useful. So here are some helpful ideas to stay fit with a local workout buddy while traveling.

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Hotel gym is a treasure for you and your local workout buddy to get in shape! – Source: The Siam

Cardio with your local workout buddy

A great training style perfect for traveling is that you should take full advantage of is HIIT (high-intensity interval training). This type of training is so intense, your body takes a while (up to 48 hours!) to return to its normal state. Consequentially you continue to burn calories at an elevated rate even when you have finished exercising. So while you’re sitting drinking an ice-cold beer on the beach, your body is likely to still be burning off some extra calories. Another benefit is that HIIT doesn’t take long to complete and doesn’t necessarily require any equipment. All you need is yourself!

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Burning fat at home with your local workout buddy. – Source: Cosmopolitan

A local workout buddy to a wandering ally

If your idea of a holiday doesn’t involve working out, there are still plenty of other ways to stay fit. Just focus on moving more and being active. It sounds simple, and well, it is! Pack your cross-trainers and hit the pavement. You can go on a walk to explore all the hidden alleys or the spots only local workout buddy know, jog your way through the town to find a highly recommended restaurant. Not only will you energize your body, but you’ll get to see the sites and explore a bit too.

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Wandering with your local workout friend is a much better way to get shape while traveling. – Source:


Finally, don’t stress yourself out! The main thing is that you enjoy yourself and make the most of your time traveling. It doesn’t really matter if you treat yourself a few too many times or don’t exercise as much as you’d planned – this trip is once in a lifetime so have fun and then have some more fun.