The local man in Vietnam delight in street coffee culture
local man in Vietnam

The local man in Vietnam delight in street coffee culture

Since the French colonists brought the very first cup of coffee to Vietnam, the local man in Vietnam has made it become Vietnamese and represent to the whole world. As the second-largest coffee exporter, the Vietnamese have their own coffee culture called “Vietnam street coffee”

Why Vietnam street coffee

When a local man in Vietnam mentions “Vietnamese coffee”, they prefer the Vietnam street coffee to the coffee in high-class coffee shops, which is named ca phe coc. There are lots of debate about the meaning of this word. One explanation is that coc, which means “toad”, is derived from sitting posture on a small plastic chair, the drinker must sit down, squat like a toad. “People often drink street coffee because it is cool, cheap, suitable for their budget. I’d like to sit on the pavement, enjoy airy space, talk freely with my friends while watching the crowded street”. Those are the very remarkable comments of the Vietnamese when enjoying the street coffee.

local man in Vietnam coffee

The local man in Vietnam having street coffee on a small plastic chair. – Source: Tuannam&Friends

Street coffee – the legal drug of the local man in Vietnam

Vietnamese people would love to drink coffee at every minute per day. Firstly, the tradition breakfast combo of a local man in Vietnam is a bowl of Pho or a Banh mi plus a cup of Vietnamese coffee. Next, to get rid of the sleepiness at noon, a sip of coffee is one of the best cures. Lately, in the evening, coffee shops along the sidewalk are crowded by youngsters in smart-casual attire hanging out with their friends. As I can tell, Vietnamese coffee is popular among all ages. Moreover, you may addict to the strong caffeine of Vietnamese coffee. There are lots of Vietnamese people who can’t start a day without a cup of coffee.

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local man in Vietnam early morning

A local man in Vietnam starts a day with a cup of coffee. – Source:

How the local man in Vietnam makes coffee truly their own

The first step is choosing what kind of coffee among hundreds of ones. The most popular and expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak, which is collected after the Asian palm civets eat and defecate. Besides, most the coffee shops prefer mixing several types of coffee together. This solution not only reduces the cost but also perform the significance of each shop. Secondly, the local man in Vietnam will roast the coffee beans then grind them, help give the Vietnamese coffee the particular style. Then, they put some coarsely ground beans go into a French drip filter (called a phin), which sits on top of the cup. Hot water is added to the phin, and then the water slowly drips through into the cup. People can decide whether to drink the resulting dark, strong or brew with some condensed milk, which called brown coffee or milk coffee.

local man in Vietnam Prime minister Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, drinks street coffee with a local man in Vietnam. – Source: ZingNews

The upgrade of Vietnamese coffee

To meet the requirement of lessening the caffeine, the local man in Vietnam has invented several new collaboration with Vietnamese coffee base.

Egg coffee (ca phe trung)

The North citizens have discovered the egg coffee since the 1920s. After that, it became popular not only in Vietnam but also on numbers of travel blogs around the world. Barista whips the egg yolk with condensed milk until it gets cloudy smooth, then has a reunion with black coffee. Sometimes people add drips of rum into it to drive you drunk and awake at the same time. This mixture tastes a little bit like a tiramisu.

local man in Vietnam egg coffee

A rich and frothy egg coffee.

Yogurt coffee (sua chua ca phe)

Yogurt coffee is a new variation and loved by young people. People usually serve the rich and creamy yogurt with several topping such as fruits, jelly, tapioca, and especially some coffee. The bitter coffee pairs with creamy yogurt sound weird at first. But believe me, just stir and sip, it gonna blow your mind!

local man in Vietnam yogurt coffee

This beautiful mixture of Vietnam coffee and yogurt will surprise you! – Source: Delightful Plate

Coconut coffee (ca phe cot dua)

Vietnam is famous for not only the coffee but also the coconut. And the local man in Vietnam has mixed these two specialties to create a brand new special drink. People separately blend coconut milk and dark coffee with ice, then mix them together. Just familiar to the yogurt one, the greasy coconut and the strong coffee make it become an incredible combination.

local man in Vietnam coconut coffee

A local man in Vietnam has mixed two specialties to make coconut coffee. – Source: Off the Path

Where to have Vietnam street coffee

Traditional Vietnam street coffee

While modern-style coffee shops have grown in popularity, traditional street cafes still fill up from morning to night with drinkers of all ages, who linger for hours over a single glass. The local man in Vietnam calls it coffee shop as a habit but actually Vietnam street coffee only has a small chair, a few bottles of prepared coffee, sugar, condensed milk box, little ice, and some plastic or glass cups are arranged on the sidewalks or street corner. However, some shops don’t even have chairs. They spread out a newspaper saying there was a “good” seat, which called Ca phe bet.

As I said before, Vietnamese people drink coffee almost everytime. So that they would love to stop by the sidewalk and take away a glass of coffee.

local man in vietnam traditional coffee

A small corner of traditional coffee filled with colorful bottles. – Source: Naver

Modern Vietnam “street coffee” shops

The local man in Vietnam assumes that street coffee is the drinker sitting on old chairs with a cup of coffee that is not verified. Nonetheless, these shops now have a new look.

Westerners drink coffee when they need to focus on work whereas Vietnamese people drink at any time of the day. The expression “go have some coffee” with Vietnamese people is not only drinking coffee. It also includes the meaning of hanging out with friends or finding another out-of-office working environment. Many unique concepts such as coffee books, office coffee, pet coffee, etc were born to follow the new coffee culture of Vietnamese people.

local man in Vietnam with pet coffee

The local man in Vietnam now loves to have coffee with pets. – Source: Travel + Leisure

Have “street coffee” in luxury coffeehouses

Alternatively, the local man in Vietnam can get the high-grade Vietnamese coffee from the expensive beverage chains around large cities. Vietnamese coffee culture in recent years is a duet of both taste and sight. People can sit for hours not only to enjoy a cup of coffee but also to enjoy the atmosphere. Thus, the price of a cup of coffee or a dish of any other beverages therefore also includes raw materials and service costs.

a local man in Vietnam modern coffee

The higher-grade of street coffee is popular among local man in Vietnam these days. – Source: AhaCafe

No one can explain why street coffee means so much to the local man in Vietnam. Is it because among hustle and bustle roads, it offers you a place to slow down waiting for every drop of coffee? Although the coffee culture has changed a lot, Vietnam street coffee still maintains the first place in Vietnamese hearts.